Mind Exercises by Sagar | Priorities Mat

Priorities Mat.


While the Priority Pyramid helps you get your priorities right, it is important to realize that priorities can change over a period of time. This Priorities Mat, a mind exercise by Sagar Sonker, can immensely help you in keeping this dynamic mat in front of you, and reprioritize important areas of your life, to keep you reminded of what actions you should take care of throughout your day or month or life.

This should be self-explanatory, and I would like the readers to understand how I've made it. This is the most simplistic mat, but I would encourage you to use chart papers and colors.

Within one sheet of paper, there are slits made to allow stripes of paper (of, say, another color) to pass through. These slits can be removed, shuffled, and replaced from time to time.

I've created just 5 stripes (mentioning just 5 priorities) with two funny examples, but you can create more as well.



Here are a few examples from me, my 'Work With Me Programme' Clients, Workshop Participants, and my Students. Coming soon