Mind Exercises by Sagar | Magic Wands

Magic Wands.


Published on: Sat, 19-Mar-2016, 7:30 am

Create 15 simple cards. These are your cue cards. They represent your Magic Wands. These should be unique, individual, and separable cards.

The 6th Fun Spiritual Workshop batch participants were the FIRST FEW people on this earth who became fairies on this day by creating such wands.

These are the names of those Magic Wands:

01. Forgiveness Wand
02. Courage Wand
03. Let Go Wand
04. Right Response Wand
05. Joke Wand
06. Enthusiasm Wand
07. Patience Wand
08. Don't Care Wand
09. Listening Wand
10. Junk Wand
11. Self-Care Wand
12. Understanding Wand
13. Gratitude Wand
14. Love Wand
15. ___ Wand

These names are only suggestions. You can modify them as per your wish. The names should be PROMINENTLY visible on the wands though. Rest you can adorn the wands as much as you like.

Hint: Be as creative and colorful as you can be. More in the Audio message.


Here are a few examples from me, my 'Work With Me Programme' Clients, Workshop Participants, and my Students.