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A tool by Sagar Sonker

The purpose of any tool is to ease your life. Not that you cannot live an easy life without the tool. This is just a methodical way of disciplining yourself.

Life Disc is a simple yet a very powerful Mind Exercise, practicing which magnetizes more positive opportunities and life circumstances towards you by the virtue of the law of attraction. If you've read about the Law of Attraction on my website and if you understand and realize the importance and power in shifting your energy to attract better life circumstances, you will immediately understand the value of this Mind Exercise, and you will understand that this is one excellent method of disciplining your mind and practicing positive thinking.


The steps are already enlisted in the template above. Let me elaborate them here:

01. Draw a circle
02. Divide it into Sectors (the template shows 6 sectors). You can call them Areas of Pies.
03. Write the Titles of all the important areas of your life - one within each Sector viz., Health, Life-Partner, Children, Work, Wealth, Spiritual Progress, General Relationships, Assets, etc.
↳ Note that these are not Abstract Words or Feelings or Emotions. So, the Sector cannot contain words like Peace or Happiness. These are the concrete and important areas of your life that you experience on a day-to-day basis.
↳ In one Sector, you may want to write 'My Life' (as a whole).
04. Draw as many Sectors as you like and write as many Titles as you like. The Sectors ONLY contain the Titles, no other text.
05. Mention the important heads only, do not go into unnecessary specifics.
06. Color each Sector, if you like, to make this Life Disc look beautiful and attractive to you.
07. Once complete, stick this Life Disc somewhere in your house

IMPORTANT: This is your personal life disc. Write only your areas of life. Let your loved ones create personal Life Discs of their own, and have their own areas of life.

How to Practice

Each time you look at your Life Disc, pick up one or more area(s) of your life and think five positive thoughts about that area of life. The thoughts should be strictly positive / good-feeling / solution-oriented.

If that area of your life is rough at that point of time in your life, use the Pivoting method to create those five positive thoughts. If that area of your life is smooth already, take it to another level in life for even nicer manifestations in those areas by using the methods of Gratitude / Appreciation / 15 Things a Day.

Check for sure if all those thoughts feel nothing but good to you. Once you do that, just move on and carry on with your regular life. The ideal frequency to practice this Mind Exercise is once a day. Try to cover all the areas at least once every day.


Here are a few examples from me, my 'Work With Me Programme' Clients, Workshop Participants, and my Students.



I have personally been able to manifest a lot of lovely small and big things of my life using this Tool.

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