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Pufff 💨


No, not the Puff that we eat.

This is a fun word (Pufff with 3 Fs) that I have come up with to LET GO of the attachment / obsession to your desire(s). The Law of Attraction needs you to LET GO (not of your desires, but that) of your feeling of the need to cling on to your desire(s). It is pronounced as rhyming with the word Uff in Hindi.

You can imagine it as you releasing an inflated balloon from your hand OR a cloud formed when the Roadrunner escapes from there OR your hands releasing magic dust into the Universe, indicating that you've now LET GO of the attachment to your desire(s) from your mind.

It HAS TO come true. I've tried this and it works. We've tried this as part of my 30-Day Fun Spiritual Activities, and it has worked for many. The stronger you PUFFF, the faster the results. Remember, it's not about how many Fs you add to the word, it's about how much faith you have in your Desire(s), and in the Universe to bring you back the manifestation of your desire(s). That translates into how well you release your desire(s) into the Universe's hands so that the Universe can completely handle it and manifest it into your physical life.

Letting Go with Faith is all that it is about. Don't suck it back into your Mind once you Pufff it. Even if you do, Pufff 💨 it again. You may want to read the article on the Importance of Letting Go and Faith on www.sagarsonker.com/awakening/letting-go

Pufff works every single time you practice it properly. If you Pufff with even the slightest of fear or negative expectation, it will not come true.

Below are some ways I represent the Pufff word. Images found on Google. Can you think of more?