Mind Exercises by Sagar | New Year Workbook

New Year Workbook.


This New Year Workbook is designed to help you keep your Energy Positive. As I've always said in my Life Hacks (and many of you have experienced it as well) - once you begin an Episode on a positive note, the entire Episode turns out to be positive. So, let's begin the new year on a positive note.

Cleaning up is a lifelong process, and you don't need to completely cleanup yourself before you start experiencing a positive life. The tipping point is the willingness to begin cleaning up. That's when the magic begins to occur.

Simply handwrite or print this Workbook and begin.

This practice is for you. You DO NOT need to send me the filled Workbook, but your feedback and experiences will surely be appreciated. Good Luck, and enjoy the process!

With Love Awaken with Sagar

New Year Workbook


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