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Good Memories.


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The idea behind this LIFELONG Mind Exercise is to stay in continuous awareness of how beautiful your life is.

Main Exercise

All you need to do is make an extensive list (with precise dates, if possible) of your Good Memories. Try to write them in the chronological order. (Here, I've written them in the reverse chronological order).

Write them in your Journal (using Pen & Paper) OR type them. However, these should be accessible to you forever.

If you don't remember the exact date, you may mention the Month / Year.

This is an Ongoing Mind Exercise, in which you will not only write your Good Memories, but also refer to this list whenever you feel like.


♦ If the day you met your ex-Boyfriend was beautiful, but eventually things did not work out, remember that that memory (of the day you met) can still go into this list, because you felt good on that day. However, you need to mention it very specifically.
♦ Want more examples? Ask me queries on WhatsApp.

My Good Memories

Good Memories
28th Apr, 2023
Developed manifestwithsagar.com within 24 hours
7th Apr, 2023
Created my first ever Prototype for 'Book a Nanny' in Adobe XD. Such a happy and proud moment. Sometimes, the Universe pushes you to do new things that intimidate you in the beginning, but it is so much fun. Link: https://xd.adobe.com/view/f67f161c-3197-4527-b3ac-22a8640efd86-a32c/
10th Apr, 2022
Had the most rousing Hike, ever!
30th Mar, 2022
Even more special than the Shirkoli Road Excursion. I was planning to go there - this time in the car, not only because the road was good, but also because driving in the car is a completely different experience from riding on a bike. Halted much before - at a nice view, the dried part of the backwater, but lush green - and discovered that the place is called Sonapur. Made a video for YouTube, clicked many photos, and had a nice time among buffalos! Then drove up to the same Shirkoli road spot, and clicked a few more photos. The white shirt was nice, and it suddenly became special.
27th Mar, 2022
This Sunday was special. I took my Grazia, and went on a long ride. On the way itself I had the thought of trying for a new place (a formerly visited Shirkoli road suddenly came to my mind). Went ahead, and had an enjoyable time at a new place.
14th Feb, 2022
Blog | Instagram ← Featured as a Favorite Single on ROMEO's Valentine's Day special Blog.
21st Nov, 2021
One of those best days, again! Took a Poll, and created a new Instagram Page: @dancewithsagar Wasn't sure, if Instagram would support it. Asked the Universe for a small indication (at least). Got the indication. The video that had got 70 Views in 4 hours was given 2,000+ Views in 2 hours on the new account. Also, YouTube announced that they will hide the Dislike Count from videos, because of its abuse by certain groups of users. I unhid the User Ratings (i.e. Likes) from all my videos.
9th Nov, 2021
Featured on PlanetRomeo's Instagram Page [Photo]
(This is so much in alignment with the YouTube videos that I make for the LGBT Community, besides, ROMEO is one of the most genuine Dating Apps.)
7th Nov, 2021
Featured on axilasmalearmpits1.0 on Instagram [Photo]
(Just casually sent him a photo, and he featured it for FREE.)
6th Nov, 2021
Completed 7 days of Penis Reset effortlessly. Gifted myself 2 pairs of Levi's underwear from Surya Seconds SALE.
21st Oct, 2021
Featured on delliciousmen on Instagram: [Photo 1, Photo 2]
(It was a Paid Promotion, but it's special for me, because I'd been liking posts on that page since 2014/2015.)
13th Oct, 2021
Celebrated my 7th Coming Out Anniversary at Harmony Palace, Panchgani. Out of this world experience: https://youtu.be/iMUJUuSvBkk
28th Aug, 2021
Went to Yana Sizzlers with Atul Gaikwad (ex-colleague - we've planned to meet biannually). It was crowded, but the service was good. A different experience unlike what I do regularly.
16th Aug, 2021
Second Airbnb Trip. Wore a nailpaint for the very first time. The place (Emerald Vista) was excellent: https://youtu.be/RcSa7NWUx4I
29th Jun, 2021
My first Airbnb Trip. One of my bestest memories: https://youtu.be/FKF2ugkGmPo
6th Apr, 2021
CEFR Level C1 (IELTS Band 8) (2021). This was during the Second Wave. Less traffic / crowd. Only 5 other (young) students were there. Such a nice experience. Took me back to my College & Office days. [Venue: Insignia, 3rd Floor (302- 305), 46 Sasoon Road, Opp. Manikchand Icon, Near Wadia College]
5th Mar, 2021
Bought a new Nikon CoolPix P950. New Camera after a almost decade. Bought Samsung S10 Lite as well. It was needed after S9+ due to display issues.
4th Mar, 2021
Got my first $100 payment from AdSense (YouTube)
6th Jan, 2021
5th & 6th Jan, 2021 were awesome. Spent them Solo. Visited Seasons & Amanora Malls (my favorites) on the 5th, and shopped in H&M, bought a pair of Jeans, ate a Burger. So much fun. Visited Phoenix Mall on the 6th after more than a year, and shopped again in H&M, ate Chaat, and returned. Walked a lot. Had a really really NICE time.
21st Dec, 2021
Solo Long Ride on my new Honda Grazia. Such a unique and awesome experience. Made a unique video, showing the ride:
13th Oct, 2020
Made my eighth Tattoo (bikini line - right side). Rahul & Nilesh were so warm and friendly, and they treated me with two cups of delicious Hot Coffee. They also gave me a HUGE discount, because it was my eighth tattoo with them. Those were really some nice, friendly, and affectionate moments. The both of them are damn adorable!!
29th Sep, 2020
IT Chapter 2 was telecast on HBO HD, and they showed the two Gay Kisses on T.V., which made me feel very happy and hopeful.
12th Sep, 2020
Had a lovely Solo Expedition towards Rajgad. Made an elaborate Vlog. Changed dresses. Clicked very nice pictures: https://youtu.be/KgY4DdJNP5M
17th May, 2020
Lockdown 4.0 started on a sweet note: Danced on "Parbat Se Kaali Ghata Takraayi" in heavy rains.
12th May, 2020
Caught the Indian Shikra (gray sparrow hawk) in my Camera. Went up to 15 feet close. Such a sweet experience.
17th Apr, 2020
My Tik Tok video 'Support LGBT, not just the Concept of LGBT!' was appreciated by many.
5th Apr, 2020
Did my first ever Blood Donation, for those in need during the Pandemic. Great feeling.
6th Mar, 2020
Discovered Durugdara road, and recorded a couple of Tik Tok videos at the awesome and serene location.
3rd Mar, 2020
Went to Pu. La. Garden (had a double-mind, but my Inner Being naturally took me). My regular bench was occupied, so sat on another one. A 'foreigner' asked me if he could sit on the vacant side. I said, 'Sure'. I initiated the conversation, asking where he was from. He was Elia (from Italy), spiritually inclined, working with a Global Spiritual Organization. Had a wonderful interaction for nearly 1.5 hours.
18th Aug, 2019
The Bangkok MRT's new extensions were new. I wanted to go to Wat Pho via Sanam Chai. Sought a Thai lady's help, who was also going in the same direction. She was to get down at a stop before mine. Just before alighting the MRT, she looked at me (from a distance) and said, "Bye" in such a sweet, caring, and kind way that tears (of Connection) started instantly rolling down my cheeks.
16th Aug, 2019
Had this sumptuous BK Veggie at Burger King, The Market, Bangkok, and took the Boat Ride (cheapest) to Wat Saket. Watch the video here: youtu.be/LN5KiY1Oa-o. For the first time I made an elaborate Vlog walking up, and also went on the terrace for the first time. Had a very memorable and great day.
12th Aug, 2019
SpiceMax - My first semi-luxurious travel. Very very spacious seats. Lots of food. A comfortable cushion & blanket. The best travel, despite it being late at night. The Cabin Crew girls were constantly giving me food to eat. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/f5R4E64nWl8
29th May, 2019
Probably for the first time, ever, I bought clothes worth INR 16,000/- for myself. That discounted to INR 12,000/- though. This was at United Colors of Benetton, Camp. Totally unplanned visit.
17th Apr, 2019
Went to Hubli (17 KMs from Dharwad) to check out the city, to see if I can find something to Shop (and did), and (most importantly) to watch Kalank.
16th Apr, 2019
For the first time, ever, drove down from Pune to Dharwad. Mum was already there for my Grandmother's post-demise rituals. My primary motivation was the good road. See the post here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwlbdBfnftY. It was a wonderful and hassle-free 8-hour-long Solo Drive.
11th October, 2018
Popat Manu came to my balcony, and visited daily for a couple of months. Read the full story on Instagram (ID: sagarsonker)
August 2018
20th to 27th - This was my Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok trip. I associate the "Main Happy Happy Hoon" song from Blackmail (2018) with this trip. It was an awesome trip. Had a great time on the 66th floor.
11th Jun, 2018
My Baby (Dwarf) Laughing video went viral on Musical.ly Received 100K Likes.
17th Nov, 2014
Went to the Central Plaza (Mall) after extending my Thai Tourist VISA. Found Pizza Hut and ate the PERFECT Veg Pizza (with unlimited Coke refills, and shopped a lot thereafter. One of my most memorable and sweet moments.
March 2014
I remember my 2nd Thailand (Bangkok / Krabi) trip when I hear the song "Dheemi Dheemi Si" from Gulaab Gang. I'd watched the movie with mum a week before traveling to Thailand, and this song just takes me back to Bangkok City Inn, Krabi, ibis Siam. It is simply wonderful.
11th Feb, 2012
Finally, met Madhuri Dixit. Read more at www.madhurifan.com
26th Nov, 2007
Saw Madhuri Dixit for the first time at Nach Baliye. She was the Guest Judge promoting Aaja Nachle.
June 2000
I was going to collect my HSC Marksheet. I went to the room where all other classmates were going, but I was asked to go to the Principal's Office. I think I knew why, but was still shivering (was hardly 18 years old). That's when the Principal patted my back saying that I've stood 8th in the Pune HSC Board. My cousin (Sonali) was with me, and she was more excited and happy than me. We came back home, and she shouted from the road all up to my mother on the 4th floor that I've stood 8th.
Std. 7th
Social Service Period, when we all had gone down on the Ground for planting trees. Some of us were sitting under a tree, when Rahul came from behind and kissed my right cheek. I was Shocked and Happy at the same time. I still vividly remember that feeling.