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7-Day Happiness Workbook


These Happiness Workbooks are designed to help you keep your energy positive. Have trust that following these exercises sincerely will help you clean your energy, and once your energy begins to clean, the Law of Attraction will start bringing better circumstances towards you.

Once you begin, do it consistently for 7 consecutive days without any gap! You only need to spare 5-10 minutes per day for 7 days. Once you finish the Workbook, if you feel like doing more, you may repeat it as many times as you like.

Cleaning up is a lifelong process, and you don't need to completely cleanup yourself before you start experiencing a positive life. The tipping point is the willingness to begin cleaning up. That's when the magic begins to occur.

Simply download and print this Workbook and begin. There are multiple versions of this Happiness Workbook, based on a variety of Themes. You may download them and practice them all one after the other.

This practice is for you. You DO NOT need to send me the filled Workbook, but your feedback and experiences will surely be appreciated. Good Luck, and enjoy the process!

Love ♥ Sagar

Version-1: General Happiness & Positivity


Downloaded more than 475 times

Version-2: Wealth, Abundance, Money


Downloaded more than 460 times

Version-3: Health & Fitness


Downloaded more than 345 times

Version-4: Heal Your Childhood


Downloaded more than 289 times

Version-5: Improve Your Energy for Better Relationships


Downloaded more than 50 times

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