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4 Feelings a Day 


This is an exercise that can be practised four times a day.

From the image below, pick up one feeling i.e. word at a time, and churn upon it. How is this word relevant to my life? How would this feeling better my life? How would I like to experience this feeling in my life?

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For whichever feeling / word you pickup, make statements such as these examples:

"Fun for me is going out in a garden and sitting there doing nothing.",
"Fun for me is listening to nice music.",
"Fun for me is meeting and interacting with new people.",
and so on... OR

"Abundance for me is capability.",
"Abundance for me is being able to have more than enough.",
"Abundance for me is the oxygen I breathe in every moment.",
and so on... OR

"Freedom for me is being able to think, speak and do all that I like.",
"Freedom for me is being able to spend any amount I desire and shop.",
"Freedom for me is dancing.",
and so on...

and keep churning such feelings and statements for at least a few minutes.

Don't stress yourself too much over it. Take only four feelings throughout the day, may be one at 9 am, another at 12 noon, another at 4 pm, and another one at 7 pm, and practice the exercise for approximately 5 minutes. Make it fun. Don't let it convert to a task or a daily boring job.

You may choose to take only one feeling for the entire day and practice it, and that's perfectly fine.

Remember that the important part in this exercise is focusing on the feeling part of the word. This is a type of Visualization technique, in which you can create hypothetical scenarios, scenes that you may want or you would like to have in your life. You have all the freedom in the world.

The duration of five minutes is NOT very important. You may just hold on to one thought and feel it all the way for five minutes, or create five hundred thoughts that give you that related feeling. Like I said, it's the feeling that's more important here. Then even if you get that accurate feeling for a few seconds, it's an achievement.