Mind Exercises by Sagar | Introduction



Mind Exercises are the various Tools and Techniques tried, tested, practiced, implemented, and taught by me to keep the Mind on the right track. They hugely help in being focused on the right things in life. There are innumerable Mind Exercises around the world, and they all help in one way or another to make our lives better and better each day. Regular and consistent practice of these exercises has been making lives more and more beautiful.

It is a simple logic that once we change our lifestyle and our ways of thinking, life automatically becomes great. Therefore, only attending a meditation course over a weekend and feeling good for a few hours or few days, and then coming back home on Monday and behaving in the same old way is of no use. There has to be something of a continuous kind.

Mind Exercises are indeed various forms of Meditation.

Deep Breathing

Daily Pledge

LOA Affirmations

New Year Workbook

4 Feelings a Day

7-Day Happiness Workbook

16 Things a Day

Spiritual Hashtags


Good Memories

Fun Calendar

Focus Shifter

Well-being Jar

I would like to...

I would like to believe...

I Like...

The Universe Is...

My Money Jar

Positivity Journal

Life Disc

Priorities Pyramid

Priorities Mat



RAC Triangle

My Frequencies Chart

Touch to Gold

Love Mandala

Magic Wands

Mobile Affirmations

Spiritual Smudging


 - Scripting Self-talk
 - Use Case Scenarios of Life

Subliminal Music


No Self-work

Fill the Board


Being creative, we humans have come up with hundreds and thousands of names for meditation techniques / mind exercises. The ultimate purpose of meditation is the same, and no matter what name we give, the only purpose is:
→ to get connected to the inner, original self
→ to quieten the mind and slow it down
→ to consciously choose thoughts and feelings, and create the life one desires
→ to be aware of the true root identity of the self and act accordingly
→ to correct beliefs, whichever necessary

The outcome is that you feel good / better.

Having a Positive Focus every now and then
triggers the parasympathetic part of
the nervous system that eases stress.

According to some studies done at the
University of California, Davis, practicing GRATITUDE
causes a 23% decrease in levels of CORTISOL, the stress hormone.

Quick Tips!

- Mind Exercises are supposed to be enjoyable.
- They shouldn't feel like a burden.
- The moment you feel burdened, take a Pause for a few days / weeks.
- They always work when you're new. Doesn't mean that they don't when you're not new.
- Pick the one(s) that suit(s) you.
- Don't be hard on yourself.