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You travel not to explore the world,
but to explore yourself.
- Sagar Sonker


I love traveling. It gives me an opportunity to see all the beauty that this world has to offer. You can read my travel stories, reviews, and (mostly positive) experiences by clicking on the Locations above. Times New Roman - Red - 14 - Regular

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Below is my Travel Map, which I love to update on a regular basis.
I've travelled to 43 cities across 3 countries so far.

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Reader's comment from the page: This doesn't matter much as PPP (purchasing power parity) of a currency matters more than it's value vis-a-vis other currencies mostly USD (since currencies fluctuate and most are only traded against the dollar, some are partially convertible or full convertible and that's a different level of confusion altogether). A good and easy to understand gauge, however, is the Big Mac index created by The Economist in 1986 to measure how much would in cost to buy a Big Mac (cheese-burger manufactured by McDonald's) in different countries. Based on this you could value how much different currencies are devalued against the dollar. The Big Mac index

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I'm NOT a backpacker, and I don't like to use that term on myself, but sharing this for whoever may find it beneficial.

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