Dance With Sagar

Come, let's Dance....

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A picture tells a thousand words,
but a dance tells feelings...
ever more precious than words !


Nobody likes to dance alone, so, come, Dance With Sagar 😊
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Boundless Dancing



Dancing is Sagar's Passion... ever since he remembers himself. More than it being a stress-buster or a mode of exercising, Sagar believes that DANCING is the only way in which you can express yourself the MOST clearly and creatively.

The 41-year-old is a self-taught Dancer.

Also, he does not believe that one can be "trained" to become a dancer. It has to be within. As long as you like to tell a story in an expressive and artistic form, dancing should not be difficult for you too.

Whether it's a 'Haphazard Dance',
or a 'Graceful Dance',
Dance rejuvenates your Brain Cells !