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Dear Instagram,

I've been using you for 9 years,
and WHOA, appreciate your Growth;
But some things irk me,
I don't want to use (the word) loathe!

There's a struggle for Gay Men,
In India and Worldwide;
But when your MASSIVE user base is made up of them,
You can't put us on one Side.

I know you have your Policies,
And hey, Total Respect;
But promoting only Straight-acting, Muscular, or Masculine Gay Men,
Not something that I can Accept.

I know you have your Favorites,
Well, don't we all do?
But boosting only Siblings, and Friends of Friends,
To that I'd say a big, "Booooooo"!

You decide my Worth,
I'm totally fine with it;
But getting Shadowbanned for 18 months HURTS,
Don't you realize that even a Bit?

Showing that you gave me 800 Views,
With that video having just 2 Likes;
It's like you asking me, "Who are you?",
Makes me feel, "My Mind is being Manipulated.. Yikes!"

Who doesn't lust for Muscular Men,
But you're earning off of those who're not;
I'm not saying I'm better than them,
But look at my Profile. There's nothing, but drought!

You say you're trying to be Culturally Sensitive,
But just look at your "For You" Page;
It is filled with Bulges, Cleavages, & Butt Cracks,
That is what gives me the rage.

If this Kachcha Badam video,
Can get 1 million Likes;
What is wrong with this one?
Why can't this get just a few Spikes?

You promote all bad dancers,
And amongst the good ones only Darbar Awez;
There are other better dancers out there as well.
Consider giving them a little more praise!

I will work harder,
I will follow pathetic trends, that's fine;
But I will also dance to Female or Kinnar's Song,
That's the spectrum of Homosexuality,
who are you to redefine?

We have, now, started awakening,
To your Sneaky Methodologies;
And you trying to be like TikTok, YouTube,
Utter crap... Oops, my apologies!

I'm not asking for Millions,
But just a little more;
Unless you intend to make it a Soft Porn App,
Do something about our Score!

Wish you were with me in 1995,
You and I would have rocked;
So, I thought of expressing my feelings,
This is the first time I've talked.

I'm 40 today. I probably don't Fit In,
Not sure how long I'll live; So,
I really want to enjoy Instagram,
it doesn't have to rhyme all the time. It still did =))

This is not about Deserving and Non-deserving,
This is not about Good or Bad;
This is just a fight for what I think we deserve,
800 Views & 2 Likes... Do I look Mad?

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