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I live very close to the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway. So close that if I fall down from the window, I'll land on the highway itself [laughs]. Me and a guy (obviously) visit a place 2 KMs ahead from here - the part where the highway is below the service road is a bit weird (in a sweet way) for me. There's a place to sit, where many couples, families, and friends visit there to sit and talk. The view is very beautiful as well. Me and this guy have been there several times and sat there until late night (which is 10 pm for me). We have sat there, talked, laughed, and I've kissed him on his cheeks a couple of times, and he has also kissed on my cheeks.

Now, he said a pretty big thing to me. Now, being Gay is not illegal (anymore) in India, but many people still come with their wrong beliefs and notions about life. He said to me, is it not possible that, because we go there at a specific time only, that some people decide and attack us, because we sit very close and kiss on each others' cheeks as well.

I said to him, "I don't know about you (he's a 20,21-year-old), such a thing will never happen with me." He was stunned by my response, and he said, "No, Sagar, such a thing can happen with anybody and everybody. How can you say that?" He - probably - does not know me well-enough, but this is the reason why I said that.

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Please Note: I'm Single. I'm NOT into Dating, and this is probably just the 3rd Openly Gay person - who I've come across in life - who's proud about his sexuality. So, I'm very happy that I associated with such a person, and spent some time with him. I'm Single till I post my husband's photo on Instagram [sniggers].

Let's understand why I said so confidently that such a thing can never happen with me. That's not because I'm a well-settled 40-year-old guy [takes deep breath]. Every single thing that's happening with you - every life situation, every experience, every individual that keeps coming in front of you - that is wholly and solely decided by what's actively present inside your Energy. Energy means your Vibe, your Aura (it is roughly 1 meters in radius). Throughout the day - let's say - in 8 or 10 hours... there is always a threshold. If you have been thinking negative for 51% throughout the day, then only negative situations will be drawn towards you. But if you've worked on yourself (by meditating, for example), and kept watch on your Energy and corrected it, and thought (at least) 51% positive, then negativity CANNOT come near you. Even if it does, it will skip you and go away. Basically, negativity does NOT have access to you when you are positive.

These Thoughts haven't been pulled from thin air (or other people's YouTube videos). I have, personally, worked on myself for at least 13 years now, and this is not just verbal work. This is intense Spiritual (inner) work that not just me, but all those who are connected with me (for 12-13 years) have done. We have worked on ourselves, and tried to give a "correction" to our (individual) energies. On the basis of that we have experienced that - for example - if someone has planned to attack us at 9:20 pm, I will feel like using the lavatory at 9:15 pm, and we will go away from that place. This is how powerful your Mind is. This is how powerful your ability to create your Life is.

Haven't you also experienced that when you are in an Ordinary or a Negative State of Mind, the Cab doesn't get booked. Only negative / sad Songs play in that randomized / shuffled Playlist, and make you sadder. The job of this World, or the Universe, or God is NOT to make you Happy, if you are Sad. It is your job to change your state from Sad to Happy, and then God, or the Universe, or this World can make you happier than that, although there is nothing such as Happier and Happiest... but YOU have to take the efforts. Take that one step from your side, and (as you may have heard the popoular saying) then God will take a hundred steps from His side. Working on yourself is very important. And if you leave the house just like that (without working on yourself), then the Mall is closed, or You don't get what you go out for, or even the People who you come across don't behave very well. That's, because you Get what you Give out there. That is how it always is.

Now, you may say that you were positive throughout the day, but then why did that negative incident happen? That's, because there's something known as Residual Negativity. I call that 'Resident Evils'. Over a period of time in life, we keep gathering Negativity, and that becomes part of our Energy / Existence. So, if you feel that negative incidents are occurring with you despite you being Positive, then you are not as Positive as you think you are.

Now, I didn't want to spoil that romantic moment by giving so much deep spiritual knowledge at that point, which is why I laughed it off. However, because he's a 20-21-year-old, Social Fear is natural at that age (which dissipates over a period of time, of course), but generally youngsters feel in that age that they've just come out of their shells, and that they know everything about life. But it is very important to remember that what you RECEIVE is completely decided by what's ACTIVELY present inside of you. Therefore, Daily Self Work is very important. Not just that - RECHARGING your Energy every few hours is very very important as well. That can only happen when your Focus is on yourself. Therefore, keeping a check of the people that surround us, the types of friends we have / keep, or the kinds of people that we keep as our company. People who always gossip, talk negative, or even ordinary things are not good for your overall growth. Now, I'm not asking you to discard all of them, but at least be with yourself, and develop and inculcate Positive Thinking Habits.

Only be cultivating Positive Thinking Habits, you can change your Life Experiences. Someone has commented on my previous video, "It is very very very difficult to find a Gay Life Partner. Trust me - I'm 48 years old, and nobody is trustworthy." He said that nobody is trustworthy, and asks me to trust him [smiles]. You cannot generalize your experiences. Just because you haven't found a Life Partner, it is very wrong to say, "Finding a Gay Life Partner is difficult / impossible." You can say, "I have not found a Life Partner." It is very important to remember that your experiences are the result of your Thoughts so far, and how you've developed yourself so far, and how your Energy is. It is a choice, isn't it? Even if I may have faced negativity in life so far, I can choose as to whether to think Positive from today or Negative. It is a clear-cut choice. So, even if you're feeling negative about something, keep it with yourself. Keep it to yourself. Don't take it out into words. Work on it. Correct it. That's when you can transform your life completely.

Someone has also commented on my Instagram Photo, "Why the F is this guy popping up on my Feed?" It is not just because of the algorithm. Why is that algorithm showing him me only? That's, because what he does not want (i.e. me) is actively present in his mind. So, whatever is actively present inside of you - whether you want that or not - is what keeps coming towards you, and I'm sure that this has been your experience as well. Change your thinking, and your life will change.

I don't walk (upside-down) on my hands - in the sense - if and when my Energy is a little negative, I also come across negative experiences. So, the Universe, or God, or the Law of Attraction does not say, "Hey, this is Sagar Sonker. He's so cute, so generous, and helpful. He has met Madhuri Dixit. So, let's spare him." God is never partial / discriminatory. If my Energy is negative at a given point of time, then negative experiences will definitely come towards me. Then it suddenly feels as to why everyone is behaving weird on a particular day. Nothing is wrong with anybody. You megnetize negativity from out there, based on the negativity inside of you. I'm not saying that the guy who described the "attack" scenario is a negative person, but yes, this scenario that he described is utterly negative. But I'm very happy that he mentioned it, because that gave me the opportunity to share this simple truth with everybody.

There are several negative things happening in this world. We keep coming across them in the newspapers, or even on YouTube, or T.V. NEWS Channels. However, what you MAKE the TRUTH of your LIFE is in your CONTROL. That is based on how you CULTIVATE yourself as a Human Being. Therefore, taking care of yourself is extremely important, and what does that mean? It is about how you take care of yourself as a person. So, a very basic, and simple thing that I teach my Spiritual Clients is that no matter what other things you may be doing in life, have only one Aim - To Be a Good Human Being. That does not mean that 'I am a Bad Human Being', but it means that I want to be better, and better, and better. There is no end to that, isn't it?

Therefore, I always say, Choose Your Vibe Wisely. The vibe / Energy / aura that radiates at 1 meter from inside of you decides what comes towards you, and what does not. Even if something negative is drawn, repelling it becomes very easy. But if you've never worked on yourself, and kept yourself negative only, then changing your state to Positive becomes very difficult. You can only CHOOSE that VIBE when your Focus is on yourself, and not on others. These days people want to LEARN LESS and TEACH MORE. They wouldn't correct themselves, but would be the first in row to correct others [sniggers]. All of these things that even I am sharing here are not for trying to become a Guru / Leader. I am only sharing fragments of stories from the deep, spiritual, and intense work that I have done on myself (and still doing). These aren't just my experiences, but also of all those who are connected with me (for 12-13 years now). So, if you implement of these things, you will be able to transform your life completely, and through that you will be able to decide what happens with you, and what doesn't.

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