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One is Financial Investment, and another is Soul Investment. Whenever we meet with someone through an App, or via a Contact, or a Friend of a Friend casually, or speak with them, or chat with them, or hug them, or kiss them, or have sex with them, we are INVESTING ourselves (or the Soul or the Inner Being) with that person / those people.

I'm not just talking about Love. It could be any kind of Connection. It could be a Casual Date or a Friendship, a Movie Date, a Dinner Date... the question is - are these Conscious Investments? do these Soul Investments matter to you? Or is your Life like a Shopping Mall - anybody can Enter anytime, and anybody can Exit at anytime (based on their mood)?

Sometimes, some people deduce the definition of LOVE (I don't know from where!), and say that when there's Love in the picture, only GIVING (the opposite person) is very very important. They say that you should just keep loving the person, and just keep doing for the person without expecting anything in return. That is NOT Love. That is non-sense, because when it comes to a healthy relationship, yes, you don't sit and expect anything from the other person, but you automatically receive it.

What is Love? What does Love mean? It means - I feel (the emotion of) LOVE inside of my heart (or the soul), when I think about you, when I am with you, when I am around you, when I touch you, when I do things with you (as well). That is Love. Love does NOT mean that one just keeps doing things for the other person, and be okay with not receiving anything back, because that has an exhaustion point. That has an expiry date. If you keep doing one-sided things, you will reach a point in life, when you'll realize, "Oh My God, I gave so much to this person, but I'm left empty."

When we meet someone, and INVEST our Time and Energy in that person - we need to realize this, which is why I'm talking about this - it happens that the opposite person is not Giving us anything. He is only taking from us. I'm not even talking about THINGS here. Of course, when it comes to sharing / giving Things or Money, it is very important to keep yourself Conscious / Aware, and how much to give, and at what point to stop needs to be decided by you. However, if we look at it energetically, we flow so much into the Connection with someone, or we thoughtlessly do so much for someone that we fail to realize that we are not getting anything in return. That is not the sign of a very good, healthy, or an equal relationship, isn't it?

I'm not talking about people who, sometimes, deliberately come to hurt us. Yes, nobody comes to hurt you as such, however, inadvertently / unknowingly from their side as well, they're not doing anything for / to us, but they're just living their own lives with us - at times - and, we don't even realize that in that Connection (Now, the word Relationship does not just mean Committed Relationship, isn't it? It can be any kind of Relationship. Connection is the best word.) whatever the both us do - only the other person is benefiting, and one is only losing. So, even though the opposite person isn't doing anything deliberately, but if you calculate [sniggers] at the end of the day, then you will realize that you are only GIVING. Yes, I know that Relationships are not like Businesses, in which you Give and Take, but then, you cannot be an Emotional Fool as well, and keep feeding an Emotional Vulture, and keep destroying your own life, isn't it?

When it comes to Emotions or Love, we cannot sit and calculate how much we do for another. It is impossible to maintain a Balance Sheet of what all we did for another, because this is about emotions. It is not about physical things. Even if it involves physical things, it is finally about Love, Acceptance, and Giving and Wanting to do something for another. Yes, GIVING is, no doubt, more important in Relationships than GETTING, but if this GIVING is one-way, then that is not a very good relationship.

So, how do we check that we're just giving, and not receiving any output in the Relationship / Connection? You will experience a Mental or Emotional Exhaustion. You feel internally Tired. You do not experience Inner Satisfaction. One always feels hollow. One feels that one is doing a lot, but unable to feel Happy or experience that Love, Affection, Connection, or Bond with the other person. So, it is important to check this as early as possible, detect it within your own heart, and decide to STOP as soon as possible.

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