Dance With Sagar's Contest # 3 - Dance Pe Chance

Contest # 3 - Dance Pe Chance.

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Winning Entry

Shyla refused to receive the Prize for personal reasons.
Thank you, everyone, who participated. I am proud of each Participant.

Let's welcome the 2020 decade with a blast!

♦ Make a Dancing Duet with Sagar on Tik Tok, and attempt / replicate his steps.
♦ Duet with this video ( or any other video

Entries will be valid ONLY IF ALL the following Rules are met:
01. Use #DanceWithSagar in your Duet video's Caption / Description
02. You must pick up my Dance videos only for making Duets. Full body, Only Upper body, Hand-movements, or Expressions are valid candidates. Dialogues or non-dancing videos are NOT valid.
03. You don't have to complete my video, but match / imitate / replicate the Dance Steps.
04. Notify me, if you make the Duet on Instagram / Facebook.
05. Entries sent before 11:59 PM of Friday, the 31st of January, 2020 will be valid.
06. Your video(s) will be posted on Sagar's Social Media accounts.
07. Winner(s) will be announced on Sunday, the 2nd of February, 2020
08. No age / gender limit. Participation is FREE of cost.
09. Each individual can send any number of Entries, but only the Best 3 will be considered.
10. Video(s) and Profile(s) must be Publicly visible.

Winner(s) will be selected ONLY IF ALL the following criteria are met:
01. If a total of more than 5 people participate before the Deadline
02. Entries meet the Rules & Criteria mentioned on this page
03. Best replication - in terms of difficulty level, dance steps, expressions - will have higher chances of winning.
04. Winner(s) will be selected by Sagar, and the decision will be final.

01. Install Tik Tok
02. Sign Up (if not already) or Sign In
03. Go to search and find "dancewithsagar" (my ID)
04. Open the Profile
05. Open ANY DANCE video (there are more than 100)
06. Practise the Dance Steps
07. Then click on the 3 dots on my video
08. Select the option *Duet*
09. Do the dance steps
10. Re-do it until you get it right (press back to Reshoot)
11. In the Caption, you will see *#duet with dancewithsagar* DO NOT DELETE IT
12. In the Caption, additionally mention #DanceWithSagar
13. Keep "Save to Album" ON
14. Post the video (publicly) on Tik Tok. (NOTE: Your Profile must also be Public for that).
15. Make as many such Dance Duets as you wish to
16. Share those videos on the Group (read below).

♦ Winner(s) will be announced on Sagar's WhatsApp Group: Awaken With Sagar
♦ It is mandatory to be part of it (at least during the Contest Period).
♦ Once you're declared as the Winner or Runner-up, you must send a message ASAP to Sagar with your Full Name, Complete Postal Address, Full Pin Code, Calling Number.