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Things that I'm proud of...

December 2017 - Featured on the 50 Shades of Gay Magazine along with my Coming Out story. Honored!

October 2017 - Went on my very first Gay Tour with The Backpack Travels. It was, indeed, a memorable experience.

February 2016 - Won the's Valentine's Day Contest and got a gift voucher worth Rs. 5,000/- from them.

March 2015 - Featured on the PlanetRomeo's Facebook Page.

September 2014 to November 2014 - Spent the two most awesome months of my life in Chiang Mai while getting certified as a Teacher in English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

February 2014 - Went on a break from work to spend some time loving myself.

October 2013 - Won a Gift Hamper from Star Movies for answering a question on Resident Evil correctly via SMS. This was really an unexpected pleasant surprise.

October 2013 - Won an honorable mention (first runner-up) prize from PicMonkey in the PicMonkeyBoo contest under the scary category. Check this out for more details.

February 2012 - Won Oral-B India's Smile Contest (by receiving maximum likes on my photo) and met Madhuri Dixit

April 2011 - Participated in Sach Ka Saamna - Season 2 - opted out after Polygraph Test due to some goof-ups from their side

January 2009 - Won Indigo Nation gift vouchers worth Rs. 25,000/- (yes, twenty five thousand rupees) by winning the Indigo Nation's Wacky at Work Facebook contest

I am now a Certified NLP Practitioner (globally accredited)In this context, NLP refers to Neuro-linguistic...

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I am now a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner - globally recognized.But the page name "Sagar Sonker - Life & Law...

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If you guys remember, I'd written an experience on a man in Bangkok selling Porn CDs, who didn't even bother to come to...

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