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Pro Tips:
1. Don't go by the Titles of these Life Hacks. You will always learn something from a Life Hack.
2. Listen to them regularly. Each time you listen to them in a newer energy state, you derive newer and better meanings from the same Life Hack.
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WhatsApp Messages

• If you want to Be Happy in your Life
• Good Mobile Phone Habits


Mini Life Hacks

• The Only Secret To Life
• How to NOT LOSE your PURITY
• Affirmation For Singles When They See Romantic Couples Around



• Guide to Worry Eradication
• Tips For Being A Happy Single (whether you're 20, 30, or 40)
• Identifying the Resident Evils Within


Reset Your Penis

• Reset Your Penis: Hafte mein sirf ek baar Masturbation
• Reset Your Penis: A Day-7 Manifestation
• Reset Your Penis: Self-Control Is About Discipline
• Reset Your Penis: Try Self-Control for Just 7 Days
• Reset Your Penis: The Sweet Feeling


Relationships / Interactions / Dealings

• Being Kind to Surly People
• Dealing with Negative People - Elaborate Discussion
• When Someone Misbehaves with You
• Dealing with PEOPLE who show you ATTITUDE



• Why Mothers Play a more Significant Role in Child Development Than Fathers


Partnered / Romantic Relationships

• He's Gay and Lonely
• Gay Partner Criteria | Hook up Culture | Break ups
• Why Finding Love in the Gay World seems difficult
• Romancing Married Men
• 'His Boyfriend is Getting Married'
• Don't Crave / Follow-up For Love
• About (Not) Attracting your Crush or Ex into your Life
• 'Her Husband Is Disloyal. She Wants To Commit Suicide'



• Pune & PCMC's First Queer Flash Mob
• He watches Straight XXX videos despite being Gay
• How to live Gay Life in India
• Gay Marriage will result in Havoc !?
• Derogatory Words used in the Gay Community in India
• Casual Gay Sex / Hookup Culture
• Why I Don't Hookup In Bangkok / Thailand
• Discussion: Suicidal Thoughts among Gay Men
• Watch This If You Think that Gay Men are Cheap
• Gay World: Misbeliefs
• Insta-GAY-gram
• Fear of Being Gay | Gay Spirituality
• Safe Gay Dating Tips
• Girly Dancer
• Kya LADKE Frocks pehen sakte hain?
• Galat Gay ladko mein INVEST mat karo
• Kya Gay Dating Apps par FRIENDS mil sakte hain?
• Ek F*ck Boy Ne Mera Dil Tod Diya
• Straight Ladke ka Khat
• India mein Gay Dating mushkil kyon hai...
• 'He's Married To A Girl, But Wants To Have Gay Sex'
• GTalk: Confused Bisexuals on Grindr
• Gay India - Come Out & Be Free
• Why Same-sex Marriage Should Be Legalized In India
• SCENARIO: Manly Top & Girly Bottom


Body / Physical Health

• How I look so young at 41
• Thanks, to Patanjali. My Acidity is cured forever!
• How To: Quit Smoking


Mind Exercises / Meditation / Activities

• The Best Visualization Technique for Quick & Satisfying Manifestations
• Forget The Past and Create Now Using Visualization
• Meditation Keeps You Safe
• Guided Meditation for Kids - Theme: Garden
• Guided Meditation Commentary - Let Go of Past Negative Experiences - Sample 01


Law of Karma

• How to clear past Karmic Accounts...


Social Media

• How Social Media Destroys your Manifestations
• Grindr Mistakes To Avoid | Dating App | Gay India
• Grindr Account Ban | Solution To Get Unbanned
• He wants to know why Social Media is Sexualized
• Why I (almost) Quit Social Media Products
• Moti Se Na Hero Se Na Jewar Se Instagram MEMES should STOP
• Is this Gay Comedy? Or are these Instagram REELS Homophobic?
• 'His Question on Gay Men showing Skin on Instagram'
• Social Media, & Self-esteem


Life / Spirituality

• He threatened to harm me on Grindr
• My Schoolmates accepted me as Gay | 1998 SSC Reunion
• My Message to Young Gay Boys & Men
• What is Happiness? What is the purpose of Life?
• Are Negative Experiences Good?
• Why You should STOP Complaining about Life...
• Do humans reincarnate as animals?
• Forgiveness: 5 Quick Tips
• Summary of my Spiritual Teachings
• Spiritual Reason behind Sudden / Unexpected Deaths
• Top Mantras of life
• Universal Solution to all Problems in life
• The Source of My Wisdom


Law of Attraction

• My Biggest Money Manifestation (so far!)
• How to Manifest Anything
• Simple Law of Attraction Exercise To Get What You Want
• How To: Break Your Negative Attraction Patterns
• When and How You Manifest...

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