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Visa charge is waived until 30 April, 2020
These is my knowledge (and experiences) from my Trips.
Always refer to the latest / official sources
for latest / updated / correct Information.

Indians can get a Tourist VISA to Thailand for 14 days On Arrival, which means you can directly GO (with the necessary documents), and procure a VISA after reaching Thailand.

If you want a longer VISA (like I did during my 3rd trip), you can get a 60 Days Tourist VISA in advance from a VISA Application Center in your City / nearby.

NOTE: Even though VISA Fees is / was waived until 30 April, 2020, if you take the FastTrack Queue, you will be required to pay the additional 200 Baht(Click To Convert) which one usually pays on top of the regular VISA Fees.

These are a few tips / experiences from me:
1. VISA On Arrival Counter can be easily found on Arrival. Baggage to be collected AFTER your VISA Procedure.
2. Download and pre-fill the VOA Form in advance. It is always good to be prepared. Carry extra photographs.
3. VISA Fees on Arrival is payable only in Thai Baht. So, be sure to carry minimum cash, always.
4. I've always presented my Boarding Pass, Return Ticket, and Hotel Reservation to the VISA Officer. I was never asked for any additional document - not even Proof of Funds. However, I always carry ALL the documents that are mentioned on official websites.
5. Make sure to preserve the Departure Card until your departure.
6. Follow the directions towards the City Line (metro train) and catch the metro to your desired destination. It goes to Phaya Thai. Phaya Thai is the station from where you can catch the BTS Skytrain to almost anywhere else in the city.
Express Line (another metro train's name) is many times costlier than City Line, plus it does not go to Phaya Thai.