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These are the Top few mantras of life that will always kept anybody's life on track.


Stay Connected with your Inner Being and your Inner Voice (one and the same). That can also be called as staying in Alignment with the true identity of the self. That is the ONLY task, job, and goal in one's life. That automatically leads to all that you desire in your life. Being aware of the knowledge, keeping the connection with your inner self and remembering who you are is the only thing one needs to take care of. Rest everything is automatically taken care of.

02. Trust... and Let Go

Trust that all is well, and let go. Trust that the other person will change, and let go. Trust that you will become stronger the next time you meet that person, and let go. Trust that every person is constantly changing and improving, and let go. Trust that your Thoughts are cleaning up on a regular basis, and let go of what just happened. Trust that the Universe will deliver to you whatever you want, and let go of the clinging on to the Thought. Trust that now you have improved and have become a better individual than what you were five years back, and that your life-experiences will be better. Trust and let go...

Make more of such statements of your own whenever you are unable to detach from a thought. This helps in developing a lot of patience about something. Patience is not just the time-wise wait of something, but the trust and faith with which one lives, so much that one isn't even aware of the wait.

Important - when you prepare "Trust... and Let Go" statements surrounding something, don't do as creating all possible options (best to worst). Consider only positive and favorable possibilities. Cheat your mind

Here you can read about the Importance of Letting Go

03. Care about the way you feel

This is a simple, yet very powerful thing to do. Always always always care about the way you are feeling in the moment. If you are feeling less than good, divert yourself towards whatever it is that makes you feel good, and once you start feeling good, go back to that issue and resolve it in the mind making use of the points 01 and 02 above.

If you are feeling ordinary, make sure you feel more (better) than that. Due to external triggers, it is possible to slip to a lower feeling when one is in an ordinary state.

Have the want to feel good. Practice and train yourself to think thoughts that feel better to you as you progressively think about them. Grab a mirror and talk to yourself.

Everything comes into alignment once you start feeling good. And once you come into alignment, you automatically start feeling good. So, do either of the two, and remember, there are endless ways and methods in your life that you can do to feel good. It could be as simple as buying a red rose for yourself, just walking into a garden all by yourself, cuddling / petting a cat, kissing a baby, merely looking at an object, watching a beautiful video online, or doing something for the pleasure of your body. In other words, there is nothing "wrong" that you can ever do in order to really feel good. At the same time, keep in mind about the reality of Conditional vs Unconditional Happiness. While you can take enough Conditional Actions to be happy, you cannot take enough Conditional Actions to be chronically and consistently happy within.

Spirituality does not ask you to renounce
Renunciation is ONLY that of negative thinking patterns.

04. Go to sleep in a good mood

This is an extremely important thing to do while you go to sleep. If you go to sleep in a good mood, you will wake up in the same good mood the next day. It's not magical. It is basically your willingness to Let Go of any unresolved / negative issues that you may have kept residual in your mind. If you create positive and nourishing Thoughts while you go to sleep, once you go to sleep, you offer zero negative / contradicting thoughts to those positive thoughts, and the chances of those Thoughts (or wishes or desires) coming true magnifies at least 10 times.

Remember as a child how to prayed to God, thanked God, and made wishes at night while going to sleep (which eventually stopped)? Restart that now with this fresh and brand new understanding of life. Never go to sleep without at least a 3 minutes self-talk.

Not just ordinary, but go to sleep in an elevated mood. Listen to some affirmations, subliminal audios, or your favorite music or songs. Avoid movie songs though (unless you are 100% sure that it only evokes positive feelings from within you).

05. Shed your laziness

Looks simple and boring, but do you know that 75% of the times when you don't feel like doing something good and positive, it is due to laziness. It's only 25% of the times that you genuinely don't feel like doing it because of your inner voice or intuition.

People feel lazy to meditate, lazy to sit and listen to positive affirmations, lazy to write down positive things in the gratitude diary, and so on. And the law of attraction multiples that laziness within you by proving to you that it's okay to be lazy. One's progress halts and the soul stagnates by this.

Shake off your laziness and go do it!

What if being a bit laid back and lazy makes you feel good when you're going through a stressful situation? Do that. Sleep it out. However, what I'm referring to as "shedding your laziness" is just to remind you to not be lazy in positive thinking.

06. Bring Happiness First and then take Actions...

Actions taken when one is Unhappy (then even if it is having sex with the illusion that one is having fun) only make you Unhappier.

No matter what you're about to do, make sure that you're happy while doing it. Make sure that you're happy by doing it. Make sure that you are choosing to do it for your happiness. If you don't enjoy doing something or if you've seen in the past that doing something makes you unhappy, DON'T DO IT.

In other words, let your Happiness be of Supreme Importance to you. That is what "Give Supreme Importance to God" essentially means! (This is very deep to understand, and not everyone can / will really understand this)

07. Accept yourself First

This is the step that comes before all Mantras mentioned above, and it also comes before all the Mantras that come hereafter.

Unless and until you wholly accept yourself the way you are, you can never be happy, and unless and until you're happy, you are NEVER on the right path. Even if it is finding a partner / lover / job (for example), if you set your journey of finding him / her / it out of revenge / sadness / rebelliousness / low self-esteem, you will only harvest fruits that are not fully ripened or enjoyable.

08. Don't keep it unresolved

This is another crucial key.

You can keep distracting yourself and keep being happy... but what-if you keep your beliefs unchanged? You will keep delaying your manifestations. Not many Law of Attraction teachers know this (until they come to this website).

As you distract yourself and get happy, mildly and loving also come back to working on yourself in bridging the gaps in your beliefs, and ultimately coming to a basic stage of believability in your desires. Use the Mind Exercises on this website for that, and if it feels uncomfortable, distract again. But then come back again It's all about willingness. Don't call it hard work.

09. Stop being negative

You cannot really gain anything if you are also being negative in your behavior or attitude. In order for all the positive work - that you are doing on yourself - to work in your favor, you must also start being "no longer negative". That's the minimum thing I'm asking you to do.

The 30 Days Email-based Life Improvement Workshop (through behavior change) can help you in this.

10. You come first in the game

Do something only if you feel like doing it. Do something only if that makes you happy. Do something only if you experience love by / while doing it.

Doing something for others when you aren't enjoying what you're doing is actually a disservice to the person for whom you are doing it. You can never make someone else happy in the way.

11. Focus on the main root desire

Whenever you get bogged down or emotionally distracted when pursuing something that you want, if you come across something that demotivates you, bring your focus back onto your root desire.

For example, if you are looking for your Prince Charming, and one fine day you have a crush on someone, if that crush doesn't even know that you exist, don't create negativity in your mind. Just remind yourself of what you're actually looking for and keep pursuing that in the right direction.

12. Take care of your Energy first

This is on the same lines as keeping yourself happy before taking actions. Don't just blindly keep doing things without noticing the energy with which you take actions.

Be smart while taking actions. Check your inner feelings. If there's a doubt, it's valid. Don't take an action. If there's a doubt and you feel like pushing yourself, push yourself. This is what taking inspired actions means. Listen to your heart, and you don't need to carry your brain with you.

13. Just Be. Rest everything will be taken care of.

You really don't need to do anything to achieve anything! That sounds so weird, but that's true. Your desires are created already. They exist already. Just allow them into your life by discontinuing your negative thinking. Just flow. Just BE like the RELAXING FISH that flows with the river. Take the best inspired actions, grab opportunities on the way. You will be led to the precise and perfect and timely manifestations of your desires.

14. Do anything to Get Happy...

Why do something to Get Happy? Because it feels nice to be happy, isn't it?

15. Talk about your Desires positively

Don't talk about their absence. Don't talk about what the current situations of your life is, because by doing that you're not changing your energy and beliefs. You can walk towards your desires only when you begin talking positive about them. Your desires should taste sweet to you, not bitter.

16. Be cooperative

Suppose I am looking for my Prince Charming. Now, one fine day, the Universe brings me across a guy who the Universe knows to be the best match for at that point. Now, if I observe the imperfection in him, and avoid meeting him for the second time, am I being cooperative here? No, I'm just being hyperactive! This is how I will lose my opportunity.

Therefore, no matter what and how many desires you have or don't have, just be a cooperative person anyway, you'll move fast towards your desire.

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