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You may have seen a Children's Day post on my Facebook Page Sagar's Education Academy on three points that can be used to describe the Summary of all that I have been teaching to everyone who's connected with me.

Here's the slightly elaborated version of that:

1. Don't take life seriously
While it is important to be disciplined, focused, and well-mannered, it is important to remember that the purpose of one's existence in this world is not just to borrow money from banks and spend the rest of one's life repaying it (while cursing the Interest rates and spoiling one's health). There is NO template out there by which you're supposed to live. You only believe that you "have to" do certain things, and that's because you see majority of the others doing that, and you may be "left out" if you don't belong to the majority. That's the Fear of Loss, you see. Fear is the lack of power, nothing else. All you need is self-trust and faith in your ability to create your life disparate from what's happening out there in the world. If you're not happy at your workplace, if you're not happy with your partner, if you're not happy with what your children are doing, then there's nothing that anybody in this world can do to make you happy. Remember that you're the creator of your life, and Being Happy and then creating whatever it is that you desire is the way to manifest it into your life.

2. Don't give a shit about what others think
This one may sound non-spiritual and arrogant, but it's not. Even though the word "shit" may sound offensive, but words are meaningless and hollow by themselves. What meaning and interpretation you put to them is all that matters for YOU. This is the energy of Freedom. Many-a-times, unknowingly, you care about what others think, because you Need Acceptance from others, and that's where the problem lies. Just as you need acceptance from your partner, your parents-in-law, and your kids (yes, you do that too, very subtly), they need exactly that from you as well. However, two empty vessels cannot fill each other enough. One of them will always remain empty, if it tries to fill the other, and this is that vicious cycle that human beings are trapped into. When you accept yourself the way you are, you don't care about what others think, and when you don't care about what others think, they start accepting you, and a new cycle of mutual acceptance and harmony is created.

3. Do what YOUR heart says
You are here to follow YOUR dreams and pursue YOUR desires. Not someone else's. It is the job of that person to fulfill his / her own desires. Let me say that again, it is YOUR job you follow and pursue your dreams and desires - not someone else's. Just because if I've not got something in my life, me expecting or (worse) forcing my kids to fulfill my dreams is the WORST thing that I can do to them. It is only my work and my ability to fulfill my purpose of being in this world, and that begins with following my heart. If you try to fulfill others, not only you remain empty, they remain empty as well, and then later they come up with their new dreams - asking you to fulfill that as well! (I'm like - Oh, someone, please kill me!)

Another way of looking at this is - following someone else blindly, and falsely perceiving their life as perfect (which it is not), and trying to live a life like them is nothing but Self-Abuse, Self-Disrespect, Self-Hatred. Your dreams ARE different from another's. Find them and live them!

And yes, I know, often dreams involve other people. So, what-if I want someone to give me a rose on my birthday? Isn't that expectation? Isn't that asking someone else to fulfill your dreams? Well - if you expect wrong things from wrong people, you're in a trap! And as far as the right people are concerned, you are bombarded with roses, every single day - birthday and Valentine's Day doesn't really matter!

This is spirituality. This is how you can keep the child alive within you. That's The Only way to truly be happy and content in life, you see. Rest every other definition or belief of Happiness is mere illusion!

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