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Guided Meditation Commentary - Let Go of Past Negative Experiences - Sample 01

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Every single thing that happens in my life is the result of my choices.

I understand that I am the ATTRACTOR of all my experiences.

I also understand that life is beautiful and that it is my job to keep it beautiful.

My life is the result of everything that I am.

My life is my reflection, and so are my negative experiences, because they teach me where I need to improve.

I am not here to change this world.

I am not here to change other people.

I am here to live a beautiful life, to enjoy my life, to enjoy my existence in this world, and I am willing to do everything that it takes to make my experiences pleasant, wonderful, and worth living.

My past beautiful experiences are reminders to me of how beautiful my life is.

I know that the Universe always blesses me in an incognito mode, and the Universe endlessly... continues to supply positive experiences to me.

I am grateful for everything in my life, and what I am doing now is creating my future.

My present moment is creating my future moment, and I have power in the present moment to create a future moment exactly as I want.

I have the inner power, my own personal power of purity and inner silence that helps me in raising my energetic level.

By just sitting with myself, reconnecting with myself for a few seconds, I am now becoming a much more powerful attractor of all my desired experiences.

Any past negative experience was just an example of how life continues to enhance and upgrade me.

Past negative experiences do not define my worthiness.

They do not indicate my deservability.

I deserve all the goodness in this world, and just a few negative experiences can not redefine how I am supposed to feel about myself.

I am a magnet. I am a creator. The creator of my experiences. I have the power to precisely attract what I desire and deserve in my life.

I take every single opportunity in creating my life exactly as I want on the moment-to-moment basis.

The happier I am, the more happiness I draw towards myself.

That is the beauty of my life.

That is the essence of my life.

This is the secret to my happy life.

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