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This message was forwarded by me to my WhatsApp Contacts at 10:00 pm (IST) of 3rd July, 2017.

7 Good Mobile Phone Habits

♦ 1. Don't check your mobile phone for minimum 20 minutes after waking up.
→ Don't sit and count those minutes
→ Meditate, Exercise, Sing, Dance, Listen to Music, or do anything else that you like.
→ Get control over yourself, before "going out there".

♦ 2. NEVER check your mobile phone in the middle of the sleep.
→ Very bad and unhealthy habit
→ Causes insomnia and spoils your eyes, brain
→ Annoys others around you

♦ 3. Disable ALL notifications (Facebook / Instagram / Gmail / WhatsApp, etc.).
→ Help you be more focused on your real life, and saves A LOT OF energy.

♦ 4. Keep Wi-Fi / Mobile Data OFF when not in use.
→ Save Internet and Mental Energy.
→ Check at certain times only.
→ Discipline is the key to Happiness.

♦ 5. Never fight over text messages. Period.
→ Meet face to face and sort out issues.
→ Don't reply to nasty messages - it is NOT mandatory! Duh!

♦ 6. Be Organized.
→ Delete unwanted / obsolete messages & media.
→ Organize photos and videos by folders.
→ Keep your mobile phone "clean".

♦ 7. Don't block anybody, ever.
→ Simply ignore them... ruthlessly! (unless it's a Spammer, of course)

The following (7 more Good Mobile Phone Habits) message was forwarded by me to my WhatsApp Contacts at 11:10 am (IST) of 20th December, 2017.

♦ 8. Don't check the phone for every notification.
→ It is NOT mandatory (like many people feel). Duh!
→ Have a rule to check your phone only at specific times of the day or only after a specific number of notification sounds heard.

♦ 9. NEVER check your phone while eating.
→ Eating food is the most basic necessity of life, isn't it
→ Eating food like a celebration. Don't belittle it.

♦ 10. NEVER carry or work on your phone in the lavatory.
→ Seriously!? You can't even spare 12 minutes without your phone!?

♦ 11. Keep your phone at least a few feet away while sleeping.
→ This will help you in changing your habit of checking it too often.

♦ 12. Do more real things that will keep you away from your phone.
→ That's the real life that people want, but they don't do anything about it.

♦ 13. Have #NoSelfie Days.
→ It's normal to not click / share selfies on some days.

♦ 14. Throw away the mobile phone when someone is talking to you.
→ The WORST and the most ridiculous habit in the world is not paying attention when someone is talking to you.

There are, of course, exceptions to each of these points - like emergency situations, important moments, festive days, etc.

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