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About (Not) Attracting your Crush or Ex into your Life

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Excerpts (with Transcript)

♦ Go with the Flow of your Life like a Child (opens in YouTube)
Always remember: If you forcefully try to create the life that you believe you're supposed to live, you, sometimes, end up living a messy life, or sometimes, you manifest things that you don't really enjoy, but, if you're naturally flowing without having pre-conceived ideas, or notions about life, when you're naturally flowing like a child, that is when the life that is created for you is the best for you. That is when you enjoy your life to the fullest.

It is like... Imagine yourself to be a river, and when you are naturally flowing, you are always natural about it, you are always taking the best path, but when you try to change your own course, and forcefully try to go in a direction which is probably not meant for you, then you end up in a direction or you end up at a path that you don't really enjoy and then, you cannot really come up, isn't it? River... always flows downways. Rivers always flow in the direction of gravity. They cannot really go against gravity. So, you cannot really go back, and carve another path for yourself, then from wherever you are, you have to do a lot of hard work, and then, try to be on a more and more natural path.

This is exactly how life works, and this is exactly when, if you realize that, 'I would like to be natural', your life becomes magnificent.

♦ Your Ex is an Ex for a reason (opens in YouTube)
Today, this may hurt a few (people's) feelings, but it has become a fad to attract one's Ex. There are so many talks, videos, or there are so many musics... subliminal musics that people listen to in order to attract their Ex back into their lives, but then, what people fail to understand in that case is that... that Ex is an Ex for a reason. If that person is someone who you are calling "Ex", there is a reason behind that, it only means that you both are different, in terms of your future ahead. So, you both cannot really coexist happily.

You both might as well forcefully come together, but you will not be able to be as happy as you can be with a better person. So, it is not that that person is bad or wrong, or even if you feel that that person is the last person in this world who can be a perfect match to you, which he or she is obviously not, you need to understand that 'If someone has gone away from me, it is because there is this mismatch in energy. That Ex is an Ex for a reason.'

If you are calling someone an Ex, there is a reason behind that and that is that that person is no longer the same person who you met initially... or let me put it in better words, that person's version has now changed. So, that new version cannot really be of any benefit to you as far as having a mutually cooperative, beautiful, loving, romantic, an extraordinary relationship is concerned.