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These are some kind words I've had the honor of receiving from people who have Worked With Me through various programmes ❤️
It is nice to know that this is helping 😊

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Rajni Salhotra, Teacher, New Delhi

I am extremely grateful to the Universe for giving me the opportunity to attend 30-Day Fun Spiritual Activity conducted by Sagar from 01-04-24 to 30-04-2024. It was indeed a wonderful learning experience for me filled with fun. I participated in various activities and thoroughly enjoyed doing all the activities suggested by Sagar. Many of his activities are now part of my daily routine like good night prayer, 10 things a day, I will., mini visualisation etc. to name a few.
His unique, simple, interesting and powerful activities definitely helped me clear my negative energies and instilled positive energy in me. I could introspect on many aspects of my life and personality and work on myself to become better version of my own self. Writing positive affirmations on daily basis helped me stay positive throughout the day. I also learnt a lot from my co-participants. Sagar gave us great insights about life and how to live a positive n happy life.
One must attend Sagar's activities to stay tuned into the true path of life. Thank you so much Sagar for organising such inspiring and insightful activities.s 😊🙏🙏

Vikram Salhotra, Chartered Accountant, New Delhi

It was a great learning experience during the 30 days Fun Spiritual Activity as to how the things are manifested just by writing them or thinking about them. It also helped me to know what I actually want or desire in my life and how to go about it. How to keep our cool in adverse circumstances and how to make my life stress free and enjoyable. There were many Mind Exercises which were excellent and I enjoyed doing them thoroughly. The Mandala activity was another one of my favourites. All in all a great experience and hope to continue doing more such activities with Sagar in future.

Renu Sabharwal, Manager, New Delhi

Attending 30 days workshop with Sagar is undoubtedly a blessing for me. Daily affirmations and concluding audios from Sagar has brought a big change in my life. By small mind exercises I came to know about my weaknesses and my strengths. I have learned to appreciate the people and let go the things which we do not require and go ahead with positively. Universe is working for us so we must feed our subconscious mind with healthy thoughts. Audio on Karma is remarkable 🙏 I have manifested my Europe Trip and many more and enjoying in Paris. I regret that due to my trip I couldn't participate in the last three days of workshop but I am thankful from the core of my heart to Sagar for making our life more meaningful and happy 🙏

Rupali Narayanprasad Joshi, Housewife, Solapur

As always Sagar you come up with new activities even activity 36 was mind blowing ❤️
Ur efforts ur response for each and individual is highly appreciated.
We learn a lot from ur activities.
These mind exercise are energy boosters in day to day life. As I have said in the activity 36 I have manifested many things while doing this activity ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ our energy is clean and high during these 30 days. And activities hepls us a lot in future days also ❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Thank you so much Sagar ❤️❤️❤️ • [30-day Fun Spiritual Activity, Apr '24]

Aditya Bhatia, MBA Student, New Delhi

I joined Sagar's mentoring program in April-May 2016 and have continued to be associated with him since then and plan to take it forward. He helped me through a sort of weird phase in my life, when despite everything working magically, I had gone slightly off track. He has immense patience and listens in great detail. The root of the problem is figured out and then he comes up with suggestions. He is very strict in a lot of ways and does not sugar coat what he has to say and that is the best part. One needs some sternness instead of sympathy when one is off track. He is an excellent mentor and I would recommend him to any person willing to make his/her life more profound and beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you. 😁 😁

Jyoti Kataria, Student, Delhi

Helo eveyone... I just want to share my experience with sagar which i experienced during wrkshp.. I must say that every wrkshp and every affirmation are very much effective..i experienced it prsnly.. I feel so much amazing so much excited when i write affirmation..And seriously i see miracles after doing affirmation..just doing it by heart.... seriously sagar.. . You are a great life coach.. Great mentor.. i just want to say thanks and wanted to be in your contact throughout my life..

Navleen, London, UK

Hi Sagar, I have been part of many workshops with you now. And in every interaction with you, i get to hear such amazzzzing life changing tips! The way you launch and manage your workshop programs from starting till closures are so very well organized. The affirmations you share are so much powerful. I get amazed the way results follows those affirmations effortlessly. This time the wealth workshop is another big hit! It looks your guidance; your knowledge, your words all together turns the complete universe along for all of us in there with you! Thankyou!

Aditi Ahuja, Senior Associate (Renewable Energy Engineer), Delhi

Hello all, I am sharing how the life hacks and different exercises on this page and 30 day positivity implantation workshop (FREE and only takes 5 minutes a day) helped me immensely during my struggle time. I was struggling as I had been searching a good job from a long time and even though I got a job it made me feel even worse and I quit it it in next 2 months and then for 6 months I was jobless being discouraged by people around. But doing positivity implementation workshop gave me hope, and miracles happened. Inspite of not expecting to clear an interview I cleared it, cleared further 5-6 rounds also and got that kind of a job that I always wanted, with the salary I wanted and the work I wanted and most importantly the positive people I wanted to work with. I look forward to gaining more clarity and self-awareness with Sagar's help and moving ahead in life. I feel deeply blessed to have found Sagar and it is my self-less heartfelt request to all to give this a try with an open mind and your life will start changing. I feel abundantly grateful to have come across a life coach like Sagar.

Aditya Bhatia, Intern at HSBC Bank - Global Banking and Markets, Delhi

Hi Sagar, messaging you to let you know that you are an amazing human being and a super awesome mentor. I have such clear, crisp and to the point answers to every question that concerned me. I am so much more powerful, stronger and in control of my life. I am the mind, I am the soul. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for I don't know why I got into that phase for a while, if at all it was anything, but, I really don't care. All I care about is that the universe wanted me to have a guiding force in life for i wsnt done with LOA just like that. I had to reap more benefits, i had to gain more knowledge, i had to gain more depth, more understanding and I have that now. But, the journey is on forever. Just becoming better each day and with creating more positive energy, thoughts and eventually the beliefs. Will keep that going. Thank u thank u thank u. Godbless 😁 😁 😁

Shruti Bhatia Khanna, Dubai, UAE

The customized guided meditation by Sagar is just phenomenal. It is very specific to areas where I feel I require CLEANUP..I listen it daily atleast once and is very beneficial in creating positive momentum towards those SPECIFIC areas...I am already seeing MIRACLES in those areas...RELIEF...Thankss sagar for your exceptional support..insight..n coaching..you are the BEST..

Alicia Cooper (via YouTube)

I absolutely LOVE your videos, your Facebook and your website. You are the first person that I have come across that is so completely honest. You do not sugar coat. You have already made such a difference in how I look at my life, my decisions and my dealings with others. I appreciate you. Thank you!

Shruti, Mankhool, Dubai, UAE

Sagar Sonker is a very sweet & powerful life coach. He is a guided angel. He always suggest easy to implement solutions for any challenges one is facing in his/her life. I have gone through his various programs fun workshops, one -one interaction, behaviour change workshop . All are very powerful programs and essential for anyone who is aiming for self empowerment. He is very dedicated and professional and takes each of his client needs very seriously. He has great knowledge on how to get best in life through application of law of attraction & teaches the importance of FUN and SELF LOVE. The USP of sagar is his simplicity & simplicity of processes he teaches which results in immediate manifestation of your dreams. He is an awesome coach anyone can wish for and a great individual.Thank You Sagar ,You Rock.


U r the one who hv transformed my life. Now I'm a changed n independent person. Thank u v.much fr being my life coach. Wishing u a fabulous new year ahead.....with lots of lv n affection...

Umesh Tonpe, Aurangabad

Hi Sagar From Last 6 Month (at the time of writing this appreciation) i Follow ur page..... every day you come up with such amazing post....thanks for teaches us how to live life ......every one need "life Coach" like you ....blessings.....

Lijina, Kerala

Sagar, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to work with you. If I didn't get your guidance, my destiny would be something else. There has been some positive changes in me. Thank you so much. :) I am recommending this program to everyone. Sagar can understand us. He is trustworthy. He can help us to bring back the happiness in our life. This is a great opportunity. Don't miss it. 'Work with me' program is really awesome.

Poonam, Pune

Hi Sagar, I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for introducing me to Mind Exercises. I learnt it from you in your first whatsapp workshop and I pivoted on a particular area of my life for improvement. I would like to tell you that it just worked wonders. In just 4 months I got a very good opportunity which just seemed like coming out of no where :) Usually I always had to struggle for every smallest opportunity in my life but this time it was almost effortless. Thank you thank you thank you :) I am so grateful to you!

Priyanka Atriya, Teacher, New Delhi

I happened to meet Sagar on Facebook two years ago. At that time I was going through a troublesome period in my life. I was at the verge of breaking,completely at the mercy of God,looking for some solutions in my life. I consider myself fortunate that I have met him. He has been an amazing coach throughout. I was constantly under his guidance about different areas of life. First thing was to clear my doubts spirituality that its not the renunciation from the people but its the renunciation from your flaws. Today I stand more confident, clear and the best version of myself. I am still developing myself under his guidance. I would recommend him to anybody I meet because he is a very good coach about life. He is very clear and understanding. He uses easy and appropriate language so that it is understandable. Even if one is not spiritual he can easily understand what he tells. I cherish each and every conversation that I had with him. He makes impossible to the possible. His each n every posts to Facebook are daily dose to recharge and refresh ourselves.

Ashwani Yadav, Network Engineer, Wipro, Delhi (Defence Service Aspirant)

I remember approaching Sagar since 2012 when I was going through emotional breakdown. I was not sure about my career and relationship. He has helped me learn knowledge, moreover taught me how to implement it in one's personal life. We can lean on him for every and any query / doubt / suggestion whenever needed. Today, there is a need for such people in day-to-day life who can inspire and encourage people to work and lead a optimistic life. His recommendations are easy to adopt and practical while you are continuing your routine, so that it easy to implement in your daily life. His passion and involvement in clarifying doubts are commendable. I have attended two Fun Workshops conducted by him and they were full of fun and energy and learings at the same time. These have brought immense change in my life. Thank you Sagar Bhaiya for helping me and teach the importance of living a Happy, Lovable and Prosperous life!! Blessings!!

Neeru, Delhi

Tu sagar hai gyan ka, Tu boond boond baant raha, Hum khoye the uljhano mein, Gyan tha humare aas-paas, par kaise kare upyog yeh tumne hi hai sikhaya. Hum shukraguzaar hai tumko paakar... Aur ek baar dil se, Thank You Sagar.

Lijina Prashob, Sharjah, UAE

I happened to meet Sagar by chance on Facebook. It was really a great blessing for me. Actually he is a blessing to all of us. I read his articles & posts. It is so helpful. Now I have been attending a 30 Days Workshop conducted by Sagar. It is awesome. This workshop has helped me to boost my confidence. The activities are extremely useful. We can learn from our own experience. I don't know how to express my gratitude to Sagar. Thank you so much, Sagar. Now I am looking forward to Sagar's 'Work with me' programme. I am recommending this programme to everyone. It will be a turning point in your life.

Komal Lathwal, Sonipat, Haryana

Sagar is a very stable minded person. I had counselling session with him. I was very confused and depressed when I contacted him, he listened to me very patiently and then advised me accordingly. His advises are very practical and applicable even when we are not in a condition to do much. He is very cooperative and flexible. I am still working on myself whenever I get confused - I just remember his wordings don't be hard on yourself.

Pooja Sharma, Student, Patna, Bihar

I know Sagar Sonker for a year. Whenever I go through his FB updates about life, love, happiness, purity, LOA, peace and some other important aspects of life.... it touches my heart and soul too. I accept him as a coach of my life. I was eager to know about the valuable knowledge about life, and day by day I learnt from Sagar's words. My life totally changed; a positive change occurred. Even my thought process changed. Whenever I face hard luck about any issue, I feel that he is the only one with whom I can share my issue and get exact solution. I feel happy to have a being like him. His words inspire and boost my life. He is AWESOME. Love you and I'm literally GRATEFUL TO YOU. ❤️

Vijaysree, Mumbai

I know Sagar for two years. He is an excellent Life coach with a very deep understanding of the human mind. Whenever I have to face a challenging situation, I used to contact Sagar and he advises me with a good reply. He is always available for others. Through him I learned how to channelize my thoughts, from negative to positive. Now I can very well organize my thoughts and have a stable and clean mind.Thank you Sagar.

Anita Prasad, Mumbai

I happened to meet Sagar on Facebook by chance, now it's been about a year knowing him and I do not regret a day. He is a fantastic coach for me, as if God sent, always available to provide constant support and encouragement. I have approached him several times for coaching regarding improvisation in certain areas of life and it has always helped tremendously in the areas as well self well-being... I feel a certain connection with him, and look forward to stay connected with him life long (Amen). So far I have also attented 30 days Spiritual Fun Workshop twice on WhatsApp conducted by him and it has helped big time knowing and understanding life and self in simplified way and has helped gain lot of clarity. His workshop has been very inspiring fun-filled with new knowledge and info. His interactive and humorous approach makes his programs very attractive and interesting. Lots of innovative ideas and concepts to keep us activated and interested in the activities. Desperately awaiting to meet him in person and attend his live program near my city in coming times..... Thank you from the core Sagar for helping us have the right perspective and teach the importance of being Happy, Healthy and Hopeful!!! I would recommend each and everyone to seek him for betterment of one's personal growth. His personal website www.sagarsonker.com is a Must see and Must read for every soul. It's food for the soul.

Vinky Babber, Student, M. Sc. Physics, Sirsa, Haryana

You are big medium between me and non-physical energy, which has helped me a lot through you...I remember, 3 years ago when I came in spirituality your posts helped me a lot. They were always spot on, on my situations. The non-physical energy using you as instrument and teach us how we can keep balance in our personal and spiritual life.... I got more clarity in thoughts, world and action... Once I read your post on purity... only purity can help us in law of attraction and I just picked up that point, now I'm able to attain what all I want in my life... You are very articulate, marvellous, powerful, elevated being. Your experiences, thoughts encouraged me a lot and I got more clarity about the law of attraction that we are magnet and how to focus on goals... and I learned that we all are complete in actually, but our role and script is different... I'm enjoying my completeness now and you and your life inspired me a lot, and made my spiritual path more convenient... and I feel a direct and clear connection with supremo... thank you thank you so much for your guidance. Love you bro...

I AM, Health Care Professional, U.K.

Sagar is so natural and explains everything so wonderfully! His insight into LOA goes beyond and deep, which makes him stand out from the rest of the teachers. I give Sagar a standing ovation! Thank you and very much appreciated!


Sagar, I feel like I want to thank you for your guidance. So thank you so much, Sagar. I know God loves me and protects me. That is why you came into my life. You came into my life when I needed your guidance the most. Your words are so helpful to remove the darkness in my life. You are a special child of God. A sweet Angel... I am greatly blessed to have your guidance. Anyways, may you be always happy and peaceful!!! May all your wishes be fulfilled!!! :) Whenever I remember you, I always feel happy. Thank you... :)


I approached him many times when i feel down in my life and what to do next. He is the person from whom I learnt Law of Attraction from then on my life started changing.His post and messages in facebook helped me a lot in my day to day life.Law of attraction,Pivioting and counting the blessings these are the stuffs that I learnt from his post and helped to change my life and I have also achieved lot of things in my life personally and professionally.Sagar is a fanatastic life coach help us what to think and how to feel to achieve our desires.I am truly blessed and grateful to have him as my life coach.


Let me tell you,you are an angel for us. Lots of blessings, wishes and regards.


Namaste Sagar !!! today i am doing something which has no reason except love and gratitude. just wanted to say THANK YOU :D just felt like saying it right now may be for nothing in specific :) tight hugg .. and i love you soooo much for all the hard work you put in for people around, to help and for absolutely nothing special,for just being there, for crossing my path via this site ... sharing love with you is truly divine for me... :) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and i dont have any reason to do this except love ....

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