Sagar | Disclaimer, Terms, and Conditions

Disclaimer, Terms, and Conditions

This website-cum-blog's content is the story of my Spiritual Awakening 🌞

Anything and everything that I write or speak online or offline is purely and solely based on my very own and personal Spiritual Experiences, Perspectives, and Beliefs. However, by now, I'm sure, you know that it all comes from up there!

Matches, if any, with any other person's / organization's statements / words are purely co-incidental. It only means that we all think alike.

No conjectures about my past / present sex life, please! Ignore people who spread rumors about me. They are jealous of me.

I neither follow any human being / organization spiritually, nor am I interested in gathering followers / fans / 'servants for Satyug'. Simply not interested. Would love to connect with like-minded Souls around the world though.

You are NOT obligated to agree or understand or follow me. Therefore, do NOT follow anything that I write / speak blindly. Experiment with it, evaluate it, and then decide whether you'd like to apply it.

Spirituality is not something you'd argue over. Therefore, you may be disappointed to know that I blatantly ignore people who attempt to argue with me over things. Genuine queries are always welcomed.

No negativity / SPAM will ever be tolerated on my WhatsApp Groups. You will be instantly removed without any justification or refund, as may be applicable.

No Cancellations / Refunds allowed. Understand programs properly before signing up. Delays from my side, if any, will be communicated to you.