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• 04-Apr-2024: Be Greedy, not Needy


• 14-Mar-2024: Connecting with the Divine
• 07-Mar-2024: Conjure what you Desire


• 20-Feb-2024: Highs don't help for long
• 01-Feb-2024: Treating Fear Like a Thought Process

January 2024 & Older

• 11-Jan-2024: Phubbing - The Worst Habit in this World
• 14-Dec-2023: There is not one Soulmate
• 07-Dec-2023: Two types of Mothers
• 24-Nov-2023: Why is 'Awaken with Sagar' not Popular?
• 23-Nov-2023: Toxic Positivity vs. Self-awareness
• 02-Nov-2023: Copying someone else's Ideas
• 12-Oct-2023: Narcissism ruins your life experience
• 05-Oct-2023: Too many Meditation Techniques
• 14-Sep-2023: Why I don't hanker after virality
• 07-Sep-2023: Stay away from Money detractors
• 24-Aug-2023: The Chimney Desire - A Magical Manifestation
• 10-Aug-2023: You are going to Die
• 03-Aug-2023: Finding Ideas Isn't Difficult
• 20-Jul-2023: Entertainment Destroys Your Life
• 06-Jul-2023: Ultra-sensitivity to Emotions
• 15-Jun-2023: Taking the Right Actions
• 06-Jun-2023: My Schoolmates ACCEPTED me as Gay
• 01-Jun-2023: Affirmations don't make things happen
• 25-May-2023: Renunciation is NOT Spirituality
• 18-May-2023: You Don't Get Rich By Attending Workshops
• 11-May-2023: You choose your Family
• 04-May-2023: Trust in your ability to Create
• 27-Apr-2023: Your Problems are like Flight Turbulence
• 13-Apr-2023: People's Bad Behavior
• 07-Apr-2023: What Bitter Experiences should make you
• 20-Mar-2023: Past and Future
• 02-Mar-2023: Sleep-time Dreams
• 23-Feb-2023: The Problem with Entertainment
• 09-Feb-2023: Victim Mentality