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Treating Fear Like a Thought Process

Fear is part of human nature, and it needs to be consciously worked upon.

Not everybody's Fear Levels are the same. Some people tend to fear about things more than some other people 😟

However, if you have detected your own fear levels or have - at least - become aware of the fact that you tend to fear, you don't need to make yourself feel bad about it 
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Irrespective of the type or levels of fear, all you have to do treat your fear as a Thought Process 💭

This isn't the same as justifying your fear, but this is convincing yourself that you are in the process of corrective thinking. This can help you in streamlining your Thoughts. You can use this visualization technique as well.

Example: If I feel fear about interacting with this person, I am actually trying to figure out the correct way of interacting with that person.

Remember, FEARLESSNESS is always rewarded by the Universe, as long as it has sincerity and honesty in it.

Thu, 01-Feb-2024
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