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Phubbing - The Worst Habit in this World

Which is the worst habit in this world? No, it's not smoking. It's not drinking alcohol. They, at least, kill you relatively faster. It's PHUBBING, which stands for phone + snubbing - the practice of ignoring one's companion or companions in order to pay attention to one's phone or other mobile device.

Smartphones, Tablets, and other e-devices are amazing, and they've changed the face of this earth. They've reconnected people from as early as the 1950s (take my own mother's example - she's the Administrator of at least 40 WhatsApp Groups 😂). They have evoked creativity within people that was - probably - dormant, unexplored, and publicly unknown.

However, since an entire Universe is accessible at our fingertips, we - as creative beings - tend to want to keep exploring it. There's nothing wrong with that. There's, also, nothing wrong with entertainment. What's wrong is the amount (or percentage) of time we devote to it.
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That's the root cause (the amount / percentage of time you spend), because the more to hook on to these devices, the more distracted and unfocused you stay in your real life, your kitchen, your house, your workplace, and most importantly, your interpersonal interactions.

The physical ill-effects of sedentary behavior are well-known, however, we tend to ignore the non-physical repercussions that these devices (and the applications on these devices) cause in our lives. Every application (be it YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat) is too smart to let you stay detached from it. They exploit your attention, and bank on your negative tendencies like your insecurities, your fear, your young age, and your need to be validated.

You may say that that's where the world has progressed to. Everyone is on phone these days. However, two Gen Zers in a relationship sticking their face in their phones can never have a fulfilling or happy relationship. They, then, go banging around, further ruining their lives.

I mean, you're trying hard to connect with human beings online while ignoring the real human beings who are trying to talk to you. How stupid is that!

Thu, 11-Jan-2024
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