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Why is 'Awaken with Sagar' not Popular?


Q: Sagar, you've been doing this work since 2008. Why are you still not popular?

WARNING: Some words may be too harsh for you.

Answer by Sagar: To put it bluntly - you seem to be missing the whole point of this spiritual journey. Also, there's a high chance that you are a victim of HERD MENTALITY i.e. "you believe in the popular OR rich".
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Spirituality (in this context) is about whether someone's teachings are benefiting you.

To elaborate, here are the reasons why I'm not "popular" (according to your understanding of the term):

(i) I don't put on a show:
I don't wear specific-colored clothes, conduct grand show-off seminars, pretending to be something that I am not. I am not a Fake Influencer (like sooo many out there) who is / are just there to fill their own Bank Accounts (while pretending to be helpful). Spirituality is a journey, and continuous improvement is its only goal.

(ii) I'm not doing this for money:
If I were, I would've invested a lot in advertising, marketing, and sales, and increased my following. However, money is not my primary focus when it comes to my Spiritual Life Coaching ventures.

(iii) Social Media is rigged and corrupt:
Some of these Social Media Products don't give reach to good content that can improve or change lives. Followers / Likes are all extrapolated and manipulated. There is an inherent bias and discrimination against certain types of people / content. The bias is more towards cheap / bad content, and they call it User Preference / Demographics. So, if you're comparing my number of Followers with somebody else's, you're stupid.

All that you need as evidence is - go to Instagram's CEO's (Adam Mosseri's) Instagram profile, open a few posts, and read the comments 😊 You'll see how heavily the "good" people (viz., artists, intelligent people, content creators) are criticizing him (and even Mark Zuckerberg on his posts). Well, don't see the posts of young Indians. It is obvious how a lot of those Views, Likes, Comments are fake-ly generated just to keep this uneducated, unemployed, frustrated young population fooled and happy. There are tools to buy Likes, Comments, and Followers. I hope you're not living under a rock! 😅

To put it in slightly mild words - Social Media, is, basically, the reflection of your popularity offline. How-much-ever popular you are in the real world is reflected online. No, grapes are not sour 😅 The point here is - Popularity, basically, is unimportant as far as this work is concerned. Popularity is NOT my Goal. It never was. It is an individual's job to magnetize this work towards him / her and make your life golden. That's all that this work is about.

But alas! People are victims of HERD MENTALITY i.e. "they believe in the popular OR rich", and the whimsical bad actors governing these Social Media products bank on this.

Good News is that nothing lasts forever! In these times, nothing lasts for more than 2-3 years.

Fri, 24-Nov-2023
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