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Toxic Positivity vs. Self-awareness

When you come across rough roads while driving, 🚗💨 you don't stop. You don't end your journey. You don't curse the road. You don't go back. You don't drive fast over it. Then, what do you do?

You take a diversion. Similarly, you can practice REDIRECTING yourself into a more positive direction. Refer to some examples below:

 This Instagram / TikTok Influencer appears to be successful. I want to be like them. Let me work harder and earn more money, so that I can enjoy the same benefits and comfort that they are.
 What people show on the Social Media is not the benchmark for my life or lifestyle. I am happy about who I am, and what I am doing. My life is unique and I know that I need to work towards resolving my issues and focusing on a better life for myself - irrespective of what anybody else is doing in their lives.
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 I lack money, but "I meditate daily. Money will come to me one day after making all these affirmations."
 I lack money. Now, let me make a list of things that I can start doing differently. Let me learn from current limiting Thoughts, and devise ways to implement them in the future. Let me learn something new, study something harder, and look for new ways to earn more money.

 They are behaving badly with me, but "I am a Peaceful Being, so I should always be nice to them."
 They are behaving badly with me. I do not need to be too nice to them. I do not need to be always nice to a badly behaved person. I set boundaries. I clearly communicate what's acceptable and what's not. I devise and develop new ways of handling the situation correctly.

 He / she is misbehaving with me, but I'm 'not supposed to get angry', because that's against spirituality. They can do / behave in any way they want.
 If someone is misbehaving with me, I understand that this is teaching me something. There are tendencies within me that magnetized this behavior towards me. Instead of getting angry and disturbing myself, let me see if I can resolve this amicably, and in a civil, polite, and professional manner. Let me postpone the discussion, if possible. Let me take a break, if possible. If the person still does not behave well, let me communicate with clarity, sincerity and sternly that certain behaviors may not acceptable or desired.

 Not allowing yourself to feel bad in a bad situation is a very good example of Toxic Positivity. When certain areas (or all) in your life are not going well, and you suppress your feelings, and try to normalize a pathetic life, you stagnate yourself, and make your life mediocre. Oftentimes, people make fun of their own pathetic lives, and make memes, instead of working towards a better life. This REEL is a classic example of toxic positivity.
 Be natural. Cry, if you feel like. Shout out loud, if that relieves you. Don't suppress negativity. Don't avoid it. Go through it. That's how you practice handling it correctly.

 Trying to feel better by criticizing, demeaning or gossiping about someone.
 Owning your mistakes and correcting them.

While doing this REDIRECTION, it is OKAY if you wish to briefly ponder upon your past mistakes and think about corrective measures for the future. Just keep it brief and don't dwell upon a particular past scenario for more than once and for more than a few minutes.

Thu, 23-Nov-2023
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