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Too many Meditation Techniques

I wouldn't detract you from studying all the Meditation Techniques in the world. But as far as products like YouTube & Instagram are concerned, there's TOO MUCH of youth-generated garbage to sift from 😖

Everyone is creating a lot of noise and unnecessary chaos 🙉 just for Views, Likes, and (trying hard for) Money. Only 4-5% of that content is actually good.

The primary purpose of meditation 🧘 is to quieten yourself, and get back in the present moment. That's what gives you Happiness. Meditation is not about TECHNIQUE as much as it is about FAITH in a technique.

Therefore, instead of trying to study a 'variety of techniques', I'd encourage you to put your FAITH & LOVE in a technique (or an activity) that you think gives you that inner peace, contentment, and stability. I've talked about PCS here
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💡 It could even be walking, making crafts, coloring a Mandala, or, basically, engaging in a simple, effortless activity (in my case it is washing utensils as well) that can quieten and stabilize your Mind.

Through that stability, you can achieve everything that you desire 🥳

Thu, 05-Oct-2023
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