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Why I don't hanker after virality

That you'd post something on Social Media and it will automatically go viral (and be shown to human beings) is an illusion created by those very social media products.

It is well-known that posts that have high appeal or relatability are - based on a variety of pre-defined criteria - manually boosted to select audiences by the moderators sitting behind opaque walls. 'It went viral' is not as true as 'it was made viral'. Not to say that there aren't algorithms, counters, and automated systems that automatically boost posts without manual intervention.

💡 However, these Social Media products are so well-planned that their pools of audiences are fixed. For example, if dancing is not your career, your dances are shown to casual viewers vis--vis real, active, appreciative audience of dance who are shown other people's dances.

Basically, the point, here, is that nobody automatically becomes popular by using Social Media (unless these companies want you to). The PUBLIC does not make someone POPULAR. It is a very strategized and controlled agenda. YouTube holds back views. Instagram holds back DMs. And it is pretty obvious.
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You can't create enough content to reach a status of popularity, if you don't meet the criteria of the product viz., the region, and the type of content that would appeal to the densest demographic in it. For example, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram had specifically mentioned early in 2023 that they're going to focus on young creators. So, no matter how creative, funny, or 'cringey' your content is, if you're an older non-celebrity, your content will not necessarily be shown to all the young audience, unless the product owners / policy-makers want to. With that said, if you're young, I would definitely encourage you to give it a shot and make the use of these products for your career and growth. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time and energy.

However, remember, you can't 'make it' on Social Media, if you have not 'made it' in real life... unless you have contacts with a few people in - for example - Mumbai (the film industry, etc.) in which case your work will have little or no significance in the real world, if that's your approach.

Because (as an analogy) there is a difference between meeting Madhuri Dixit as a die-hard fan and meeting her through your contacts in the industry (or may be, because of your last name).

Thu, 14-Sep-2023
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