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Stay away from Money detractors

Yeah, we all know, by now, that Money is not Wealth. It is just a means to bring things into your life. However, Money 💰 IS important for yourself and your personal life, especially because we associate comfort and well-being with Money.

People who have nothing better to do in life might teach you things like, "Money is not important...", "You should renounce everything and connect with God...", "Celibacy is good for spiritual growth...", "This world is going to end soon...", etc.

While I'm not saying that they're bad people, but they're people following very non-creative, dull, stagnant lifestyles. If you want such a life, good for you. Nobody is stopping you 🤗

If not, focus correctly. At the same time, be sure to not have a 'herd mentality'. Do something because YOU want to do it, not because you see others doing it.

Thu, 07-Sep-2023
🌞 awakenwithsagar

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