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You are going to Die

Spoiler Alert! 😅 One day, you are going to die and people will forget you within 2 days. Your dearest ones might need 3 days to bounce back.

Nobody is going to remember your Tweets, your achievements, your failures, your hard work, your bank balance, your salary, your Instagram followers, your Likes, or your hardships.

So, stop being mean to others based on your Income or your Position. None of that really matters even while you're alive.

Stop treating death like it is unwanted or unexpected.
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Stop spending too much money on something that you don't really need.

Stop spending too much time with people who don't help you grow.

Stop obsessing over Social Media Likes and stop wasting your time on these platforms.

Stop worrying too much about people who are not being good to you.

Stop being low. Start staying high - energetically.

Here's a nice video on Mystery behind Sudden Deaths (or Deaths, in general).

Thu, 10-Aug-2023
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