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Finding Ideas Isn't Difficult

The difficult part is not to come up with new or innovative ideas.

Ask ChatGPT to write a caption for your post, or innovative taglines for your business, and you'll be amazed with the results. AI image generation tools like Dreamstudio, Kittl, Midjourney (via Discord) almost feel like magic.

That's not the difficult part. Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can use (or even outsmart) them. We are no longer living in the times when only the "first benchers" had special access or privileges to extra knowledge (or what we called 'reference books') in the college library 📚

The difficult part is to focus on those ideas, bringing them to life, and having the courage to use them for others' benefit.
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Anything else is just an excuse 🙃

Thu, 03-Aug-2023
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