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Entertainment Destroys Your Life

First, we went to the theatres to watch movies. Then, that garbage came to our homes. Now, it has entered our bedrooms through our phones.

Having fun with it, and keeping it a small part of your life (both 'small' and 'part' being important words) is totally fine, but remember that this is Entertainment Business. Not everything that you watch is made to entertain you. It is, often, to brainwash you, or to make you dull, or - at the least - to make you pay. I'm referring to Movies as well as Social Media content.

Most of those so-called Bollywood 'stars' don't deserve the love, admiration, time and energy that you spend behind them. Not saying that they're bad people, but they're working for themselves. They're growing in their lives, while you're wasting your life, money, energy, and letting them stay rent-free in your heart.

I'm not even talking about the corruption, the manipulation, or the subtle image correction that happens. I'm not even talking about the mediocrity in talent or nepotism. I'm talking about YOU and what YOU can do.
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If you want a creative life for yourself, if you want to grow in your own life, if you want to do things that are beneficial to your life, then it is important to just reduce all of that.

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Thu, 20-Jul-2023
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