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Taking the Right Actions

Actions taken with the wrong Mindset fail 100% of the times. Actions taken with the right Mindset succeed 100% of the times.

Being in a wrong frame of Mind is very subtle, and we are talking about long-term results here. You could be holding a grudge from a decade ago. That could be poisoning your Desires without you even knowing. You cannot really crack down on all your negative tendencies and cure them 🛠

The easiest solution is to MEDITATE. Daily. 🧘 You can find a few simple techniques here

Additionally, stop proving yourself to others. Stop pretending to know everything. Stop arguing. Stop trying to be correct. Stop expecting everything to be in order. Fail, sometimes. Take a backseat, sometimes 💺
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That's the easiest way to keep your Mind clean. When your Mind is clean, your life's train is on the right track.

Thu, 15-Jun-2023
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