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Affirmations don't make things happen

If you're going through a financial crunch or crisis, the worst statement that you can affirm is, "I am rich!" 🙄

💡 The best affirmation in such a scenario would be: "I am grateful for what life has given me so far. If I could earn x in the past, I can earn 2x in the future. I understand that I need to change my focus, my Energy, my perspective, my tendencies, and my habits, and I am ready to do that. I acknowledge the financial crunch that I am going through right now, and I am ready to work towards a better life experience."

I know that's a long one 🤭, but the crux of it is - don't affirm hypothetical statements that you don't resonate with. Reason? That's not how manifestations occur. And when they don't, you create more negativity. And then you're doubly negative. That's what backfiring means 🔥

Acknowledge your present scenario, be grateful in the present, be loving towards yourself and your life, and then move ahead.

Thu, 01-Jun-2023
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