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Renunciation is NOT Spirituality

Renunciation is NOT Spirituality, and it can never lead to a creative or satisfying life.

If there is someone who believes that renunciation i.e. giving up on bodily pleasures, materialism, relations, money, sex etc. leads to happiness, that person's beliefs are satisfied by his life by the virtue of his behavior.

Life is very fair, you see 😝 It is the cumulative reflection of your cumulative behavior.

Renunciation, Celibacy, Minimalism are choices. More accurately, they are paths that you choose to satisfy your definitions of Happiness and Peace. It comes down to something as simple as - whether I should buy new clothes during this Diwali or not. Who is to judge it as right or wrong?
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We are in this physical world to enjoy the physicalities of this world. You can either create a mess out of everything, or renounce everything, or live a balanced life. I prefer the third option, and I'd recommend the same. I call it OPTIMIZATION.

💡 If you cannot live happily with ₹ 50 Thousand in your Bank Account, you are deluded if you think that you'll be happy after you have ₹ 4 Crore in it.

You are deluded if you think that you'll be happy if you renounce everything today.

Remember, considering your Happiness in something is not the same as Being Happy.

Thu, 25-May-2023
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