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You choose your Family

It is commonly said that you don't choose your parents or your parents don't choose you.

From the Law of Attraction's perspective, however, that is not true. Parents and children (the souls) get magnetized 🧲 towards each other based on their Perspectives and Tendencies. Same goes with any other relationship in life.

💡 Example: An angry, disciplined, lazy father, and a loving, empathetic mother will certainly have a child who is angry + one who cares about relationships too.

So, personality traits are not hereditary. Your Traits or Tendencies or Perceptions are already present within you. They only get re-affirmed or strengthened (in 95% of the cases) by you being around your parents.
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💡 That's exactly why an angry father's child, often, has Anger Issues. 95% of poor families have children that grow up and stay poor. That's because that's the behavior that they SEE and LEARN. That's why you should STOP watching movies / spending too much time on the Social Media. You become dumb and stay non-creative.

So, as a child, don't blame your parents for what they're doing or what they did. The traits were already within the child (i.e. you). The parent was just a re-affirmer of that trait. Also, now, as a parent, you know exactly what to do with your children. GIVE THEM SPACE while working on yourself.

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Thu, 11-May-2023
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