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Trust in your ability to Create

Wind up your Old Perspectives. Peel them off. Let your past unpleasant memories fade away. Train yourself to develop such attitude 💪

Trust that all that you desire is coming to you, and Let Go. Let go, not of the desired Partner, or Money, or the Job, but the obsession and the running behind of it. Once you understand that merely changing your Perspectives can change your life, you would actually want to let go of the garbage from your Mind.

Remember that even wanting to be Peaceful is a desire in itself. You're not born to 'not have desires' 🙄

💡 Examples: Trust that that annoying person will change the next time you meet him / her and let go of a tempting argument. Trust that the next time you go shopping, you will get a higher discount, and let go of the shopping greed. Trust that the right partner will walk into your life, and let go of the wrong one. Trust that you will get a better job by positively applying to new jobs, and let go of the frustration associated with your present or past jobs.
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Do practice the guided meditation commentary to let go of Past Negative Experiences (top of the page).

Thu, 04-May-2023
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