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What Bitter Experiences should make you

Bitter experiences 🤢 should make you nothing, but a sweeter person.

You're not a WALL. You do feel bitter when unpleasant things happen with you. However, there's a difference between FEELING bitter, and BECOMING a bitter human being over a period of time. Some people choose the latter.

Becoming bitter is like going with the flow like a 🦟 dead insect, which is not the same as going with the flow like a fish 🐟

Some people keep becoming bitter and worse human beings as they grow, which appears to be the symptom of their life's problems. Don't be such a person.
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💡 Remember: There are no 'scars'. We just think there are, and use our memories as excuses to continue to BEHAVE negatively. You are CHOOSING your behavior every moment. You are wholly responsible for your behavior. Nobody else.

Fri, 07-Apr-2023
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