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Victim Mentality

Victim Mentality is the result of negative emotions.

The intensity of such feeling varies from moment to moment, however, whenever you feel it, it makes you feel like everything and everyone is against you. You lash out on others, you throw childish tantrums, you, then, feel guilty about your behavior, you want to be isolated, you blame others for your sadness, and you build walls against you.

None of this is desired, fruitful, or pleasant. You end up in hurting yourself and others, and that only creates more negativity.

Once you acknowledge your negative feelings and begin working on them with the understanding that you have the control over your Responses and Perspectives, it becomes very easy to get out of this vicious Victim Mentality Loop.
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Negative thinking impairs the body, and also disrupts its ability to stay in its natural state of health.

💡 A physician in Boston examined 25 people suffering from inflammatory disorders. A close check-up revealed that every one of them was holding a grudge.

Thu, 09-Feb-2023
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