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June, my Social Media Fasting Month

I am using the word 'Detox' just for easier understanding, despite the fact that I, personally, don't think that these products / applications are toxic or toxins. I believe that they are great tools. Some of the 'middle-men' or 'bad actors' (in Jaron Lanier's terms) are the problems.

It started - without too much thinking and planning - a couple of years back. Not even because it's the 🌈 Pride Month. June, for me, feels like the beginning of a new chapter, because of the advent of the rainy season, as well as the restart of schools.

Since I am an active, creative, and an enthusiastic person, I try my best each year to stay as much away as possible, and it is, indeed, a significant and thoughtful decision. It is an opportunity for me to focus on real-life social interactions and it is necessary for one's mental well-being and personal growth. I mean, I've been using Social Media since 2010. I won't die if I stay away for a few weeks 🤷  At the same time, Fasting is not the same as Starving. It's not about starving. It's about Cleansing and re-evaluating. Here's a simple analysis of my decision and its potential benefits that I try to achieve each year in June:

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1. Reduced Stress:
I am very active on WhatsApp and Instagram (not on Facebook any more, though I'll write about it further) throughout the year, because that gives me an opportunity to share about my life with the people who are interested in it. However, that can be stressful and exhausting. I try my best to stay COMPLETELY away from WhatsApp Statuses and all Instagram activity throughout June. There is minimum or no activity there. Now, the last time I was super-active on Facebook was when it was new - back in 2010 or so. I feel sorry for my co-workers (and managers) who used to see my 3 posts daily 😂 However, suddenly this year (in June itself), I discovered two important Facebook Groups (about which I'll talk separately) that were very beneficial to me and aligned with my high-level and long-term Goals. So, joining them, and 'reactivating' my Facebook in a way was refreshing. It felt like 2010 (which was also part of my visualization), albeit I kept it to a bare minimum. My 'behavior' (in terms of the way I used that product) was different.

2. Too Much Information:
I don't believe in alienating myself from the modern world, however, taking such a break helps me regain focus and mental clarity to look at my life differently. Without the constant barrage of information and notifications, I have more uninterrupted time to concentrate on my projects and interests. I find myself more productive and more deeply engaged with my overall life and work. I go around without the need to 'click-something-to-post-somewhere', which is so important.

3. Reevaluation of Priorities:
I, anyway, have MUTED everyone's WhatsApp Status Updates, and I follow 0 people on Instagram. This does NOT mean that I am an alien 👽 who doesn't like people. It is nice to be in touch with people, however, 'exploring' what others are doing / their strong opinions about life can cause a lot of noise in your own life. I DO NOT like such noise at all. Staying away gives me an opportunity to get bored and find something old-school, raw, and interesting, which is directly beneficial to my long-term Goals. In fact, you can SEE your Goals only when you take such a break. Otherwise, you're just caught up in those endless cycles of 'posting something today', 'preparing something for tomorrow', and 'managing all of the content on your phone and laptop'. Moreover, I'd suggest you too to stay away for a while and check if anybody cares. You'll be surprised 😝

4. Emotional well-being:
Some Social Media products (especially Meta's) blatantly and shamelessly disseminate content that evokes negativity for higher engagement, and you can easily see that in the Comments section. I'm referring to the negative comments. Most of the positive comments are automated and dummy. One person posts something and hundreds of thousands of people come with their solid opinions. The more you consume that, the more you make that part of your life. That is harmful and dangerous to your well-being. Basically, seeing what someone else is thinking / doing in their lives is detrimental to you, anyway. That's not just me saying. Check out these videos:
 Instagram Is Everything Wrong With Society
Is social media killing our children?

5. New Activities and Strategies:
Such a break gives my Mind an opportunity to come up with new activities and strategies on how to do things differently for the rest of the year. My Social Media usage is, anyway, far less than most others I have met in my life so far (and I'm not even talking about addicts here), so, I am already doing pretty good in the way that I am mindfully using these products. I am also very clear that Social Media is the reflection of who you are in real life, and your reach is the result of what you bring to the table. Social Media is not the heart of your work or life. It is just a reflection. With that in Mind, it is always good to GET OUT for a while, and then GO BACK with renewed Energy, clearer purpose, and the pure intention to enjoy oneself.

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Thu, 13-Jun-2024
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