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Being Kind vs. Having Opinions

Don't lose your identity or opinions in your futile quest to come across as an affectionate person.

We want to be loved, accepted, and acknowledged by those around. That's not an issue. Rather, it's a natural tendency. And you keep hearing how ANGER is bad, and that LOVE or POSITIVITY keeps your body healthy and your social circle strong.

However, it is also important to stay true to your values. Be polite. Be humble. Be kind. But you don't "need" to be "sweet" when you don't need to be. You don't need to be a doormat or a sounding board and keep adjusting - just with the fear of losing someone.

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While those not on your frequency will always drift apart from you - whether you're sweet, kind, and polite or not, but you cannot keep changing yourself and your values for others.

You certainly don't need to be bitter, rude, rebellious, and unfriendly, because of two reasons. First, that's not good Energy, and second, it isn't difficult to be polite, friendly, and / or cute.

A few folks (won't mention details) went to a Club / Bar. I'm a teetotaler, but I went because these folks were (and being with them was) important to me. I always expressed my gratitude for their presence in my life. It is possible that I came across as "too sweet" and "always positive". The music at that place was TOO LOUD, and I gave a Google feedback about that. One of the folks said that his close friend owns the bar, and requested me to remove the 'TOO LOUD' part from the review. I found that very unfair and annoying, but I did not retaliate or react. I refused in a professional way saying that everyone's taste differs and that the words in the feedback were soft (and not harsh or rude) - and that that should be okay.

I could've simply said, "Nope, that is my feedback about the experience, and I won't edit it in that way" with a smiley, that would also have been fine. But we fear losing people or our respect in their eyes, isn't it? But you have to remember that as long as you are Polite, Kind, and Professional, you're good. Those who go, go anyway. Those who stay, stay anyway.

He surely wasn't okay with my response, but I kept my point across, and with the right attitude. You can be SWEET and STRONG at the same time. It's a good, balanced, and smart approach.

Sweetness or Kindness does not mean being Stupid. Also, strength does not mean being Rude or Unfriendly. It's about balance.

Thu, 11-Jul-2024
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