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Highs don't help for long


How many selfies will you click? How many new, exciting things will you buy? How much will you travel? How much (random) sex will you have?

Oftentimes, people distract and divert themselves into doing something interesting and exciting when they get even a whiff of low feeling. They may not be fully aware of that negative feeling, but it is natural tendency to go lower 📉 from a higher state... (blame the stressful world we're living in 😅)

You may say that that is your way of celebrating happiness, but think about it - if you are truly experiencing inner happiness and contentment, why do you feel the need to 'celebrate' it in an external manner? 🤔
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There's never anything wrong with external celebration - although I wish my parents (especially mother) never celebrated my 1st ranks at School and College - however, such highs are addictive. They take the threshold of your dopamine levels to the next level, and you really need to work hard to bring that threshold back down. Nothing less than the previous celebration, then, tends to satisfy you.

The more you divert yourself from your negativities, the more you feel like diverting yourself all the time. But the negativities, if not addressed, can keep growing within. For example, if you have unaddressed people issues, and you do absolutely nothing about it, you will continue to have people issues for years and decades, and it will only keep aggravating with age. And then you feel lonely at an older age.

Confronting issues at an early stage (and with full power) is always more helpful (and less painful). Don't stop giving yourself those highs, but my recommendation would be to use those highs as your rewards for working on your negative thinking, and not as diversion techniques.

Energetic Highs are the best ones, because they are internal and unconditional. Besides, these happen when you are connected to your Higher Consciousness. Those are your highs of Correct Thoughts, Correct Perspectives, and Powerful (and Correct) Actions.

Tue, 20-Feb-2024
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