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Stop Idolizing Bollywood People

Being a fan is one thing. Dancing to their songs is another.

However, we, Indians, need to STOP looking at or listening to Bollywood People for our life's motivation, because most of them have still not figured their own sh!t out. Most of them are still in the process (even as they're nearing their 50s). Look at them merely as entertainers, albeit most of them are simply seducers and con artists. It doesn't matter who they are and what they do. What matters is what you do with their faces visible on your screens.

Here - without being a hater - I am referring to the entertainment media / industry as a whole, and not just Bollywood, but that has been mentioned in the title due to the craze that plebeians have towards these so-called 'stars'.

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They may have the popularity or visibility in / about the field of entertainment or Social Media. That does not mean that they are emotionally evolved or intelligent. Most of them say longeTIvity, instead of longevity 😵 while lingering in their smugness.

They act like arrogant Gods in this lopsided world claiming to have worked hard to reach where they have. Well, we need to demythologize what we see, because you have to work hard in any and every field. They just landed in their field, which is purely by chance, and majorly by nepotism and favouritism.

While you are busy wasting your Time and Energy chasing their every single move, remember, they are unequivocally focused on filling their bank accounts for the betterment of their own lives. So, focus on your own sh!t. Stop getting emotionally enmeshed in their dramas, and instead of being blindsided by such manipulators, make yourself aware of their value and worth in your life. This is crucial for your development.

Here's an Awakening article on: How Bollywood Destroys the Fabric of the Society

Thu, 16-May-2024
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