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Be Eager, not Needy

When you move around with the attitude, "I am amazing. I can get whatever I want whenever I want it. I don't care about tomorrow. I am pragmatic about living in the present, while understanding about others' emotions. Life is a great opportunity for me - like a little child - to explore, expand, and enjoy. I'm damn sexy, approachable, friendly, and loving. People like me wherever I go. I make good connections.", you are more open-minded. You are AVAILABLE. You are free. You are expectant. You talk positively with people. You are elevated. You are EAGER.

That's what I mean by GREED. In this context (or any spiritual context in which I use that word), GREED is not the selfish result of you feeling deprived of something. I always use the word synonymous to EAGERNESS & ENTHUSIASM.

Life is about MOREness. You always want more than what you have - people, love, money, bigness, intimacy, likes, followers, etc. and that's what keeps you going.

However, moving around with the right attitude is very important for the Law of Attraction to match you up with all things desired. Remember, you are a 🧲 MAGNET, constantly magnetizing towards yourself life that matches with what's going in your Mind and your Body's Cells.
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Whenever you are moving around with the attitude, "Life is so difficult. I am so lonely. What about my future!? The world is getting tougher day-by-day. I am so concerned about my health." that's what you magnetize towards yourself. You might be in very good physical conditions compared to others, but you won't have the perspectives to look at them correctly. That's what will keep you sad.

Catch yourself in low Energy and convert it during the next meditation break that you take.

Thu, 04-Apr-2024
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