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Season 1
This is a Series of Videos where I share my experiences of being "Offline" more than being "Online". Watch the individual episodes by clicking below, or watch the entire Playlist embedded on this page.

Dates I was Away: 10th of August to the 29th of August, 2017.

Episode 1: Starting on a 100% Positive Note
Episode 2: Picnic Friday
Episode 3: Unplanned Night-Out and Romantic Moments
Episode 4: e-Gift from YouTube
Episode 5: Annabelle: Creation ♥ Movie & Dinner Date
Episode 6: Changed my Tattoo & Watched 'Annabelle: Creation (2017)' again
Episode 7: Easy Challenge for you - Stay Away with me
Episode 8: I'm Back! Congratulations, Shruti!

I UNFRIENDED all my Facebook Friends for the best results. If this is something that I can do, I believe I can do anything in this world Anyway, I'd mentioned in my status a request to everyone who'd like to be in touch with me to re-send me a Connection Request. Thanks, to everyone who did.

I was not 100% OFFLINE, because I was continuing to publish the YouTube videos, accept Facebook Friend Requests, and I also posted one link on Facebook, and replied to a photo on Instagram in which I was tagged - it was important for me to clarify to his friends that we are nothing more than friends

This was my first attempt, and successful. It was a good experience being quite away from it all. I did not come back because people were missing me, but because on the 20th Day I thought it was apt for me to come back, despite me initially having thought of stretching this to the next month.

Shruti (from Dubai) joined me in this Offline Challenge for 3 days, and she successfully completed it as well. Congratulations to her.

I will be doing this in the future as well.

First Video to lead you:

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