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Enjoy my Vlogs and beautiful life-experiences, which I share just to share the Happiness of my life. Happiness increases on sharing. They appear here in the reverse chronological order within each section.

General: Personal VLogs

 Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Integrated Tripod
 Why I Quit Tik Tok after 1 Year *ShadowBan* *Discouraged*
 All About My Coming Out Story, Divorce et al. (A Very Normal Indian Gay Guy)
 Appreciating & How I Became a Fan
 Two Updates: Viral videos on & The Nun (Valak)
 Featured on '50 Shades of Gay'
 My 2nd Coming Out Anniversary (Just another normal Indian Guy)
     ↳ My 4 Tattoos so far...
     ↳ Being Gay - A Poem
     ↳ Letter from a Straight guy to his Gay friend
 My Cat Manifestation - Fri, 12-Aug-2016

Trips Vlogs

These links will take you to my Travel Pages...

 Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
 Goa Gay Tour # 2 (19-May to 20-May-2018)
 Goa Gay Tour # 1 (14-Apr to 15-Apr-2018)
 My Gay Picnic # 4 - Gunjan Farms, Shirkoli, Panshet, Pune (17-Feb to 18-Feb-2018)
 My first 'Gay Tour' with The Backpack Travels - Gunjan Farms, Shirkoli, Panshet, Pune (28-Oct to 29-Oct-2017)
 Diveagar Beach Trip (11-May to 13-May-2017)
 Vishwas Villa Resort, Dawje, Mulshi (8-Feb to 10-Feb-2017)
 Ahmedabad Trip (1-Feb to 5-Feb-2017)
 Kanyakumari-Madurai Trip (27-Oct to 1-Nov-2016)
 Kovalam, Kerala Tour (30-May to 1-Jun-2016)