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I love trains. Real ones as well as toys. I had a train 20 years ago as a child, which broke. Thereafter, making such a video remained only a dream. Finally, on 9th May, 2014, I brought Thomas home along with a few other accessories.

There might be "18+ only" certificate for a few things, but thank God, there is no "18- only" certificate for anything.

Sit back, buckle up, and enjoy.

My Thomas Train 1 - Introducing my Thomas

Date recorded: Sat, 10-May-2014

My Thomas is introduced in this video. He is shown running over the tracks with various views. You will also see Indigo's airplane and other vehicles around.

At the end of this video, when the full track is seen, the track changes were done manually, but the editing is so seamless that you will not be able to find out where exactly it's done

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My Thomas Train 2 - Tunnel & Train Crossings

Date recorded: Sat, 24-May-2014

Thomas has a friend. His look-alike. Two trains and a tunnel. They are very cooperative. Do they wait for one another's crossing or bump into each other? Check out in this video.

Spot the clay signal too...

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My Thomas Train 3 - IndiGo, AirAsia, and more

Date recorded: Sat, 20-Dec-2014

Thomas and his look-alike friends are too busy this winter. They have learned from their past experiences, and are playing it safe. They're on new land this time, surrounded by new scenery, and are enjoying their journeys.

Thomas now travels to London and Paris too, and is now more cautious than before while entering tunnels. He passes through two airports, and the scenes are breathtaking.

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My Thomas Train 4 - Cooperating Trains

Date recorded: Wed, 21-Jan-2015

Thomas and his look-alike friend decide to begin this new year with cooperation with one another. They're on the same old land this time, but they've grown up and understanding how important it is to cooperate and understand one another.

Watch the beautiful Railway Station, and how the little train goes to one side for the big train's crossing.

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FarmVille 2 - Orders Complete! moment

Date recorded: Wed, 16-July-2014

It was just a co-incidence that I was recording the game when my orders completed.

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