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The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort & Casino, Goa

Incomparable! Been here twice, during March & May 2012.

Incomparable location, amazing construction, very courteous staff, an excellent experience, and lots of beautiful pictures - these are all understatements.

The resort is picturesque, magnificent, beautiful, enriched. The beach is lovely, clean, and well maintained. Bicycling on the beach was fun.

ROOM: The rooms are also spacious, lovely and give you a very comfortable feeling. Views outside almost every room is lovely. It takes less than 0.5 KMs to walk until you reach the beach/sea, however, that walk is worth. You will see immense greenery, beauty, tranquility and beautiful trees and birds all around. Loved the chess board. Bicycling on the pathways was fun too You can request for a pool-facing room.

STAFF: Very courteous, friendly staff. I would definitely want to mention one of the cleaners asking me, "Sir did you have lunch?" so sweetly and selflessly and that was something I really really appreciated.

OTHERS: Maya Spa is great too.

Had been there twice. Once as part of an office group, and then with someone I loved. Hope to go there again.

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