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Goa Gay Tour # 2 with Antony & Yogi

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P.S. I did NOT go there for hook-ups and I did not hookup with anybody. My idea of "fun" is very different and I am looking for my Rajkumar. This ain't a justification, but writing it only, because some people blatantly conjecture (and spread) things without knowing the person.

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♦ 1:12 - Preface
♦ 3:22 - A Close Look at the Retreat
♦ 9:29 - A Little Miscommunication
♦ 13:05 - The Next Morning
♦ 13:35 - Cycling Fun
♦ 14:36 - My Condition Fulfilled
♦ 16:45 - Some Fun in the Pool
♦ 17:36 - A Few Clicks

LGBT-friendly Retreat with Antony & Yogi

I can't believe that I actually went to Goa within 35 days of the First Goa Gay Tour! I was hesitant, but it turned out to be a good decision.

My main attraction for this trip was Varun Singal's LGBT-friendly Simply Yoga Retreat in Assagao, Goa. It looked beautiful in the photos, and it was exactly as shown.

The hotel / guesthouse is very good. Spacious double rooms (2 pax occupancy), and clean toilets. Well-lit rooms with A.C. and you get your privacy.


Could be slightly more flexible with his "rules", for more customer-friendliness. I saw his chat with Antony, and felt that he is quite adamant about his "rules", which can hugely turn customers off.

Everybody's definition of "fun" is different, and there's nothing wrong if "sex" is the synonym of "fun" for some. Majority (if not all) come only with the intention of hooking-up with one another. Although I would not call it "wrong", that's my only turn-off. There's just a guy or two who come there to make connections. Those are the ones I like to get connected with. My idea of fun is everything non-sexual.

NEARBY: In these two days, I enjoyed going out, bicycling (after nearly 20 years), eating good food, going to nearby places. There was a very nice restaurant nearby called Nanu's Fish House (7798684518), where I got great Vegetarian Food. Very tasty. I had milk also there, and it tasted awesome that night. The view of this restaurant is in my Vlog.

Bought only Cashew Nuts this time, because most of my shopping was done during the last visit.

Overall, I enjoyed. I like to keep negative experiences (whether they're around the management or co-travellers) aside. Keep them aside, and then take corrective actions in the future.

Yes, I would love to go there again ♥

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