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Goa Gay Tour # 1 with Antony & Yogi

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P.S. I did NOT go there for hook-ups and I did not hookup with anybody. My idea of "fun" is very different and I am looking for my Rajkumar. This ain't a justification, but writing it only, because some people blatantly conjecture (and spread) things without knowing the person.

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Hotel Viva, Calangute & Rainbow Trip with Antony & Yogi

Antony, from Pune, organizes Tours for Gay Men. It is a very helpful initiative. This was his 44th Tour or so. 21 guys in total, a mix of Bisexual and Gay guys.

My intention was only to go to a beach, and enjoy, and I felt blessed to discover that I had two known acquaintances already to accompany me here and there. Nevertheless, I made connections with "almost everyone" in the group.

The hotel is very good. Spacious double rooms (4 pax occupancy), and clean toilets. Good housekeeping service. I am not very comfortable staying with 3 others, and let's not get into the reasons, but my roommates were good. One of them was my known acquaintance, and I was glad about it.

Everybody's definition of "fun" is different, and there's nothing wrong if "sex" is the synonym of "fun" for some. Majority (if not all) come only with the intention of hooking-up with one another. Although I would not call it "wrong", that's my only turn-off. There's just a guy or two who come there to make connections. Those are the ones I like to get connected with. My idea of fun is everything non-sexual.

In these two days, I enjoyed going out, visiting beaches, eating ice-creams, shopping (which I badly missed out on mentioning in my Vlog). One of the best meals that I had was at Anand Pure Veg (hope that's the correct name) (located right in the center of Calangute Police Station Chowk). I had a delicious Aaloo Paratha and Buttermilk (adjacent photo) - the BEST buttermilk I've ever had so far! That will be one of my main reasons of visiting Calangute again!

Bought a few vests, one pair of boxer shorts, two silver earrings, a few chocolates, and a mug. NOTE: You get a better variety of Vests right at the Calangute beach more than anywhere else.

Overall, I enjoyed. I like to keep negative experiences (whether they're around the management or co-travellers) aside. Keep them aside, and then take corrective actions in the future.

I just wish that we stayed there for at least 2 full days (2N 3D), but yes, hopefully, I get to go there again ♥

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